16 April 2007

It's that time of year again...

Announcing the 2nd Annual "We Really Suck At This" NFL Draft Prognostication game. Post below if you're in. Rules will be as such:

Prognosticate the entire 1st round of the NFL draft, including any trades you think might occur. 1pt for choosing the correct player to the correct team at the correct slot, 1/2 pt for choosing either half of the equation - (i.e. Tony Graziani 1st overall to the Raiders is your choice, but somehow, they choose Jamarcus Russell, or you pick Brady Quinn 3rd overall to the Browns, but the Dolphins trade up to 3 to pick him...)

1/2pt each for selecting round and team for UGA alums, and other 'notable' players, to be decided on shortly.

Prizes, you ask? Why, nothing other than a couple of sentences from the Effusive-Praise-Machine (tm).


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Dante said...

I guess we were all a bit busy so in lieu of predicting draft picks, I'll comment on the draft:

This has to be the worst draft I can remember. JaMarcus Russell was the easy #1 pick. A WR went 2nd. Marshawn Lynch was the #2 RB in the draft and he probably is the 2nd best RB in that draft. I don't know what's worse, the sorry group of athletes coming out this year or that Brady Quinn still didn't get picked up until 22nd with that sorry lot.

1. Poor Cleveland. They went and took the homer pick. This is worse than the time I picked up Brian Finneran in a fantasy draft.

2. Speaking of Atlanta, haven't they learned not to pick up players with that particular name?

3. Good job to Philly for picking up the real 2nd best QB in the draft.

4. You know it's a bad year for Georgia when the first pick from UGA isn't until Round 3.

5. I see that Calvin went #2. What round did Reggie Ball get drafted in? I must've missed that in my notes.


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