23 January 2007

Super Bowl Pickout

This should look familiar.

There's only 1 game so we're going to go all out here. Not only are we going to pick final score, we're going to get into yards, rushing TDs, passing TDs, and FGs. The game will be broken down into a massive 20 categories. One category will be worth 5 points. Some categories will be worth 2 points. The rest will be worth 1. A tie will split the point unless otherwise stated. I'm looking for some really real indepth analysis. Here are the categories:

5 Pointer:
-Correctly name the Super Bowl XLI MVP.

2 Pointers:
-Closest to actual winner's score.
-Closest to actual loser's score.
-Closest to actual point spread.
-Closest to total points scored.
-Correctly picked the winner vs. the spread (This point will NOT be shared or split.)

1 Pointers:
-Chicago Team Rushing Yards
-Indy Team Rushing Yards
-Chicago Team Passing Yards
-Indy Team Passing Yards
-Chicago Rushing TDs
-Indy Rushing TDs
-Chicago Passing TDs
-Indy Passing TDs
-Chicago FGs
-Indy FGs
-Box Score for 1st Quarter*
-Box Score for 2nd Quarter*
-Box Score for 3rd Quarter*
-Box Score for 4th Quarter*

*Now for the Box Scores by quarter, I only want the points for that quarter. So if after 1 quarter the score is P 14 S 7 and after 2 quarters the score is P 17 S 14, the box scores are "Quarter 1: P 14 S 7" and "Quarter 2: P 3 S 7."

The standard line is Colts favored by 7 Over/Under of 48.5. That's probably going to come down some the closer we get to kickoff.

Oh and just so you know, I'm not going to enforce that the numbers should add up. If you want to give box scores that don't add up to your final score prediction or put any other contradictions in there, go right ahead.


At 11:35 AM, Blogger Dante said...

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At 11:36 AM, Blogger Dante said...

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At 11:40 AM, Blogger Dante said...

Let me start off by saying the Colts are so doomed. They're playing outside. They're too excited to be here. Peyton Manning taunted another NFL team in a DirecTV advertisement. The Colts won their last Super Bowl (V) off a turnover that was called so poorly that it led to new rules asking refs to pull players off the pile. Doomed. No cover. No win. Just pain.

Super Bowl XLI MVP: Thomas Jones, RB Bears

Bears 31 Colts 27
Point Spread: 4
Total Points: 49
Bears take the -7 spread

Bears - 205 yds rushing (2TD), 250 yds passing (2TD), 1FG
Colts - 100 yds rushing (1TD), 320 yds passing (2TD), 2 FG
Box Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4: B7 C7, B14 C0, B0 C6, B10 C14

Turnovers kill the Colts. The Bears could run against a godd Saints run D. Imagine what they'll do to Indy. Indy will have some success on teh ground since the Bears haven't been so good against the run all year. The Colts turn it on late but it's not enough. Defense wins games and even a hobbled by injury Bears D is light years ahead of Indy's pitiful defense. Peyton Manning still can't win the big one.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

I'll post the commentary at the end:

SB XLI MVP - Dallas Clark, TE, IND

2 pointers - Indy 37, Chicago 22 - 56 total, so, i'm taking the over...

CHI - Rush 96, Pass 235, 1RTD 1PTD 2FG
Indy - Rush 125, Pass 305, 1RTD 3PTD 3FG

by quarters
IND 10 7 6 14
CHI 7 7 0 8

Yes, Peyton Manning is getting way, way to much hype in this game, much in the same way Rex Grossman is getting far too much of a beating in the press. That said, Chicago's defense has enough holes in it that Indy should be able to exploit it fairly well. Indy's improved defense will also cause more than a few problems for the Chicago offense. The game will never really get out of hand until the 4th quarter, but Indy will win going away.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Uhh. I thought the Saints would whip Chicago by three touchdowns...

Super Bowl (which I won't really be watching):

Chicago 23
Indianapolis 31

54 points = over?

By quatas:
C: 10 7 3 3
I: 3 7 7 14

Chicago: 175 RY, 120 PY, 2 FG, 1PTD, 1 RTD
Indianapolis: 100 RY, 255 PY, 1 FG, 3 PTD, 1 RTD

MVP: Peyton The MANning for a stunning 2nd half comeback.

Chicago picks up where they left off two weeks ago by strong running and stout defense. Indy will be shocked to be outdoors, and excited so failures to execute will mar their first half. But their defense is just prepared enough for Chicago's run to keep the score from getting out of hand.

After the half, they remember where they are and why they are here, and the completions start making sense. Evil Rex shows up for Chicago, giving Indianapolis the gifts he was supposed to give New Orleans, and generally standing around in the pocket, wondering where he is and what the football is doing in his hands.

It will finally be a good Super Bowl with a come from behind victory sealed by a drive in the 4th quarter, and the game will be closer than it looks on paper.

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

& SAWB: Isn't, 22 + 37 = 59?

At 11:45 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Yes, yes it is. however, when I changed my totals up, i neglected to update that portion.

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Dante said...

MVP - Pat was wise to pick Manning. Manning could've gone 3 for 30 with 30 yds, 0 TDs, and 5 INTs and still got the MVP as long as the Colts won.

Pat 5
Dante 0

Winner's Score: (29) Pat and Dante split (31 and 27, respecitvely)

Pat 6
Dante 1

Loser's Score: (17) SAWB at 23 (5 off)

Pat 6
Dante 1

Point Spread: (12) Pat at 8

Pat 8
Dante 1

Total Points Scored: (46) Pat at 54

Pat 10
Dante 1

Winner vs. Spread: (Colts) Pat & SAWB

Pat 12
Dante 1

CHI Rushing: (111) SAWB at 96

Pat 12
Dante 1

IND Rushing: (191) SAWB at 125

Pat 12
Dante 1

IND Pass: (239) Pat at 255

Pat 13
Dante 1

CHI Pass: (154) Pat at 120

Pat 14
Dante 1

CHI RTD (0): Pat and SAWB split

Pat 14.5
SAWB 6.5
Dante 1

IND RTD (1): 3-way split
Pat 14 5/6
SAWB 6 5/6
Dante 1 1/3

CHI PTD (1): Pat and SAWB split
PAT 15 1/6
SAWB 7 1/6
Dante 1 1/3

IND PTD (1): Dante with 2
Pat 15 1/6
SAWB 7 1/6
Dante 2 1/3

CHI FG (1): Dante on the head
Pat 15 1/6
SAWB 7 1/6
Dante 3 1/3

Pat 15 1/6
SAWB 8 1/6
Dante 3 1/3

I didn't clarify this all that well last year and did the same thing again this year. I'm looking at four factors (closest to Chi, closest to Ind, closest to total, and closest to spread). You get credit for being the closest in each category. Whoever has the most credits for the quarter gets the points with the obvious splits in tact. This is all rather academic since Pat has already locked it.

Box 1 (I6 C14): Pat gets it for closest to Chi and closest to spread
Pat 16 1/6
SAWB 8 1/6
Dante 3 1/3

Box 2 (I10 C0): SAWB and Pat split for getting closest to IND and Chi and getting closest to total.
Pat 16 5/6
SAWB 8 5/6
Dante 3 1/3

Box 3 (I6 C3): Three way split with SAWB and Dante carrying closest to box points and Pat getting closest to spread and total.
Pat 17 1/6
SAWB 9 1/6
Dante 3 2/3

Box 4 (I7 C0): Pat takes it with closest to IND and closest to total
Pat 18 1/6
SAWB 9 1/6
Dante 3 2/3

I could've counted something wrong here or ther but the scoring wasn't even close. Pat blew away the competition and is teh big Super Bowl Prognostication Champion. Even without the Manning for MVP pick, Pat was comfortable ahead. It looks like Pat has shed his college-only roots and has become wise to the ways of the NFL (especially in predicting the total point outputs of each team). Pat, we salute you.


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