03 January 2007

Show Me the Money!

How good is Nick Saban?

We're about to find out all over again. Apparently, the University of Alabama, tired of having egg on their face and switching coaches every time the wind changes direction, have signed Slick Nick to an eight year, $32 Million coaching stint.

Yeah, he won a National Championship at LSU (and beat Georgia twice), won two SEC Championships in three years, and has coached in the NFL. He is now the Boss Coach of the SEC at the Conference's most Royal school.

As if we needed more high profile coaches stepping up the game in the SEC.

Analysis? Predictions? Especially since Georgia has to play Bama on the rotation again soon?


At 4:29 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Saban and Bama go to Vandy, then they play Arkansas at home, and then they play Georgia at home. I'm not too worried about the 07 game, especially since even great head coaches don't seem to have it all together in their first year with a team. At best case, he's Cotton Bowl bound next year. At worst case, he gets at least 4 wins with the Miss.es, West Carolina, and LAMO on the schedule. I would say 6 but if Saban doesn't have his stuff together by Week 2, Vandy may slide out with that one and Houston will be looking for a little SEC revenge so that's not a gimme just yet in my mind.

Long term he'll probably do just fine. Like the guy on ESPN radio was saying this morning, the big winners here are Mack Brown and Pete Carroll because going undefeated in the SEC just got near impossible for either division. If Kentucky can keep up, Tennessee and Georgia can keep from floundering again, and SCar can keep the ole ball coach around, the SEC is going to be one monster of a conference in the next few years if they can keep from cannibalizing their own talent.


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