09 January 2007


So let's recape the SEC's bowl accomplishments this year:

-Mid-tier SCAR hung on to beat a Conference USA champion Houston team.
-Kentucky completely and totally dominated a Clemson team that thought it was a lot better than it really was.
-An unranked UGA came back to knock off a very ranked VT in the Peach Bowl.
-Aurburn held its own and beat a Nebraska team that is a lot better than it has been in a long time.
-LSU got to be the ones who gave Nortre Dame their bowl spanking.
-Florida absolutely destroyed media darling Ohio State for the national title.

The only losers are a coachless Bama and their 3 point loss to the Cowboys and Arkansas' 3 point loss to Wisconsin.

The SEC completely dominated the college bowl scene this year.

And speaking of UGA knocking off a ranked team, how many ranked teams does UGA have to beat (in a row) before they're ranked? If I had team X and I wanted to schedule the easiest game possible from the list of teams receiving ranking votes, I'd sure take Hawaii, Oregon State, or TCU over UGA.


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