26 January 2007

The No-Fun-League strikes again

Citing 'Safety and Security' concerns, the NFL has banned fans from tailgating at Dolphins Stadium for the Super Bowl.

Granted, there's probably loads better eats, drinks, and action in and around the Miami area than can be had sitting outside the stadium, but this just goes to show that once again, the NFL doesn't really care about the fan base that supports it.

I personally know that if for some reason I felt compelled to spend several hundred bucks per ticket, I'd probably want to cut my costs of attendance, and tailgate in the parking lot, as is traditional with football games. God help the NFL if the Packers ever get back to the Super Bowl...


At 9:22 AM, Blogger Dante said...

I'm not a " "No-Fun-League" subscriber. Most of the rules the NFL enacts that makes people think of them this way are merely rules that cut down or out non-football content from football. People complain that these non-football exploits done in-game are entertaining so they should be left in. I always argue that football is the package. If that's not entertaining enough, then maybe you shouldn't be watching. I for one am not tuning in to see interpretive dance.

Now this is a different ball of wax. This policy has nothing to do with the in-game antics that give the NFL it's "no fun" image by some. This is outside the realm of the game. It clearly shows that "the NFL doesn't really care about the fan base that supports it" but more in the sense of placing exclusive content on the NFL network in an attempt to force cable subscribers to pick up the channel at an absurd price or allowing DirecTV to be the exclusive player in the NFL Sunday Ticket even though by conservative estimates, about 20% of the US population cannot get DirecTV for logistical reasons (apartments, line of sight issues, etc). The NFL and the City of Miami dosn't want you spend a few bucks at the grocery store when they think they can get you to spend hundreds around the Miami area instead. The NFL isn't restricting players by this decision. They're restricting fandom.

One of these days the NFL is going to find out that people really will stop paying attention to them if they keep tightening the reigns on the fandom. I watch about half the NFl I did last year and part of the reason for that is lack of accessibiity. I don't have ESPN so I can't pick up the Monday Night game. I don't have NBC so I don't pick up the Sunday Night Game. I don't have NFL Network so I don't pick up the Thursday games. The NFL has started charging for allowing you to listen to games on-line. This not only used to be free, but nfl.com used to have a page linking you to the home and away broadcasts of each game. I'm not pining over the loss and clamoring to throw more cash their way. I'm doing other things. I still care about the NFL but I haven't done this little keeping track of the league since Dallas fired Tom Landry.

At 9:51 AM, Blogger COJOCARESCU FAMILY said...

Go Packers!!! The Packers will go to the Superbowl this year, so the NFL better get their act together and be ready for the crazy, tailgating Packer fans. Go Packers!!!


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