04 December 2006

SWC Recap

Well it's been a pretty good year for the now-defunct Southwest Conference. I was hoping Arkansas would walk away with an SEC conference title but those are the breaks. An astounding 7 of 9 SWC teams will be going bowling with an 8th that is eligible. Here is a breakdown:

-TCU will play Northern Illinois in the Poinsetta Bowl.
-Houston will get a SWC vs. SEC matchup in Philly against Spurrier and the Gamecocks at the Liberty Bowl.
-Arkansas snags the Capital One Bowl against Wisconsin. (Is anyone else getting tired of SEC vs. Wisconsin bowls? This game is getting more tired than Police Academy movies not starring Steve Guttenberg.)
-Texas is set to play Iowa at the Alamo.
-The smallest campus in Div IA football (and probably the worst mascot) Rice gets to play Troy (not Troy State since adding State after a school name is apparently unfashionable now) in the New Orleans Bowl. I wonder if Pat will be in attendance?
-A&M lucked their way into the Holiday Bowl against Cal.
-And the Texas Tech Red Raiders get to play the Insight Bowl against Minnesota.
-Unfortunately, SMU went .500 and was not invited to any bowl games this year. That's what you get for going 0-3 against SWC opponents.
-Baylor stinks.

Sadly, the Cotton Bowl will not field a SWC team this year but the Cotton will get a Big 8 vs. SEC matchup in Nebraska vs. Auburn. This should still be an excellent game though. Looking at their bowl games, it looks like Arkansas made the right move in jumping to the SEC. They probably would've been one of the 4 invited to the Big 8 had they stayed but dollar for dollar, the SEC is just more lucrative bowl-wise.


At 4:53 PM, Blogger paulwesterdawg said...

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At 4:54 PM, Blogger paulwesterdawg said...

It's interesting to think "What might have been" if ARK had stuck with the SWC a few more years. The Big 12 would've ended up much stronger, and Baylor likely would've been left out in the cold.

FSU had already turned the SEC down.

They would've needed to turn to Georgia Tech (again), Miami (no cultural fit whatsoever), Clemson (a charter ACC member), or some other team to fill ARK's spot.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger Dante said...

The only thing that makes me think Baylor wouldn't haver been the one cast aside is that TCU didn't get the Big 12 invite. If the Big 8 were really interested in taking the 4 best remaining SWC teams, it would've been Texas A&M, Texas, Texas Tech, and TCU. That they left a TCU team that was not only better talent-wise but also had a larger TV/radio market and a bigger merchandising base out in the cold makes me think they wanted to take at least one cream puff with them and at the time Arkansas hardly fit that description. My guess is that the little Bears would've still got the invite and the Red Raiders would be C-USA along with Houston.

If the SEC hadn't gotten Arkansas, they probably would've gone for a team that's a little further west. FSU was an obvious choice but they were afraid of the lack of prestige they would get from playing a real schedule every year. I'd hate to think the SEC would've eventually settled on a Southern Miss or UAB but if I were betting money, that's how I'd bet.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Playing off the assumption that Arkansas didn't join the SEC, I'd throw these three in the mix for possible SEC candidates, in no particular order:

Memphis - Loads of talent around the program, and with SEC money, they could have made a decent contender in a few years.

Southern Miss - consistent winner, might have snuck up on the All-Barns of the west a few years back.

Louisville - What. We've already got UK, why not Louisville. It would only go to further their rivalries if they had to play twice a year in everything but football...


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