28 October 2006

Three things...

...that give me solace after this weekend.

1 - We played a solid game, turnovers not withstanding. Tackling was better, offense was improved, special teams were ok.

2 - Matthew Stafford will lead us to victory in two of the next three years.

3 - There's a hell of a lot of assholes in Jorts that lost a hell of a lot of money today.


At 10:48 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Quick fire thoughts:

I never realized how lucky we were to have Bailey kicking for us until last Saturday. If we tied in regulation, that game was ours.

In a show of SEC solidarity, Florida dropped as many passes as we did.

You never really pick to kick on the coin toss. You merely choose to defer the decision to receive until the second half. We could choose to kick both halves.

Related to above, consistently losing the ball on the first drive of the second half bothers me more than any streak Florida has over Georgia in Jacksonville.

The Gator Bowl is not a neutral site.

Stafford ran for a TD. How many TDs did Tebow run for?

When did Georgia learn to blitz? I'm not a blitz-happy kind of guy but in college sometimes it really works.

I'm supremely proud of Georgia for doing what I've always thought you should do on an option: hit the QB every time. Who cares who has the ball? If the QB is going to act like they have the ball, that's a free shot at him. I'd gladly possibly get scorhed for a long option run if it meant putting the QB's helmet in the dirt and Georgia did just that.

Millner will be remembered for frequent massive drops in the same way Quincy Carter will be remembered for 5 INTs in a game and fumbling under pressure. However, when Millner stayed home to block, he did a heck of a job even with turf toe. Stafford should've realized early on that Millner was nothing more than a decoy out there.

That Stafford fumble was so not his fault. A QB shouldn't have to worry about defenders coming up from behind ever. The side maybe after the 5-step drop, but never from behind.

"Massaquoi" is my new term for dropped pass that really should've been caught. Example, "It's 3rd and 3. Stafford is back to pass. Oh! There was a Massaquoi. Millner had it right on the numbers. 4th down."

Martinez may have saved his job this week. His Georgia defense only gave up as many points as the offense scored.

At 11:09 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Re: Martrez Milner - He's got the worst case of the yips that i've seen since Jean Van de Velde (hereafter referred to as 'that french dude') blew the '99 British Open i think it was...

Re: neutral site - if we want a place that both sets of fans hate, might I suggest we play the game in the Iron Bowl in scenic Birmy-ham Alabammer. Plenty of good seats still available.

I sure as hell hope Stafford gets rid of that case of Carter-itis real soon. Let it be known that Carter-Itis is a disease that causes nearly all your passes to be directed at the feet of your intended reciever, or the hands of the guys in the other shirt.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Dante said...

I'd rather play in the swamp every year than play in Birmingham.


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