16 October 2006

National Title games and the SEC

Leave it to Tommy Tubberville to cry about how tough it is to play in the SEC:

" "That's why we need a playoff," said Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville. "It's just so unfair to this conference. To go undefeated, it's got to be a miracle. You've got to be lucky, and then everyone's going to start politicking.

"That's the way it is, and probably the way it's going to be every year. It's just so tough." "

You know what, Tommy? You're free to leave any time you want. The SEC is a tough place to play. Period. You know the rules and you know how polling works. If you don't like your odds here, maybe you can go join the Sun Belt. I'm sure you can go 12-0 every year there. The SEC just isn't going to produce a whole lot of national title teams. There are too many good teams to overshadow the bad ones any given year. In fact, if I remember correctly the last SEC National Title Champ was a 1-loss team.

If you want to see some of those unbeatens in other conferences struggle, then take matters into your own hands and bully them into playing you. I do applaud Auburn for their somewhat recent games against USC but that's just not enough. Get at least two "overrated" teams on your schedule each year and show them how good they really are. Make great offers to them and be very public if they turn you down with their tails between their legs.

I'm pretty neutral on playoffs but they're not going to happen no matter how hard you wish them to. There are entirely too many schools that would take a pay cut on bowl appearences.


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