15 October 2006

Giant Killers

Gotta hand it to Vandy. They've been looking for a win over one of the royal East Division foes for a while now. I know they got Tennessee last year, but that was at the end of the season. They almost got Florida last year in the Swamp. This time, it was the Dawgs' turn.

Eventually, the coin comes up tails instead of heads, and we are reminded why Vandy still gets to play in the SEC.

So, is this what the road to 6-6 looks like, or are we going to salvage a little bit of pride against either Auburn or Florida? Tech is going to give us all they have. Is this what a rebuilding year is? Will the coaching staff get all shook up?

I haven't felt this way since 1998, maybe 2000. But it ain't good. Hopefully, we can get this ship righted and quick.

Go Dawgs!


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