26 September 2006

It's NOT a double reverse!

NFL.com: "Devery Henderson scored New Orleans' second TD on an 11-yard double-reverse, taking a handoff from Bush and cutting inside the pylon with help from a gutsy block by quarterback Drew Brees."

ESPN.com: "And after Devery Henderson scored the Saints' second touchdown on a reverse called "Superdome Special," where Brees play fakes to McAllister, then Brees gives to Bush on the end around, and finally Bush hands off to Henderson, the Falcons were forced to respect the reverse action with Bush the rest of the game."

It annoys me to no end when folks who write about this stuff for a living don't know what a reverse is. To make matters worse, this is the official wire copy from nfl.com. Kudos to ESPN for correctly identifying the single reverse when you see it. Nfl.com called the Henderson TD a double reverse when it was very obviously not one. For there to be a double reverse, there would have to be a single reverse that's reversed. Brees handing the ball off to Bush is NOT a revese. Therefore Brees handing to Bush handing to Henderson can't be a double reverse. The only reverse that happens is when Bush hands the ball off to Henderson. If Henderson hands the ball off again, that is a double reverse. It's not that hard to figure out, especially since the last time a true double reverse was run in the NFL it was at the request of Richard Nixon and Dallas lost the ball on a fumble in the process. There are too many handoffs and too much time spent in the backfield for a double reverse to be a viable option in today's NFL (or yesterday's NFL for that matter). When you hear the words "double reverse" uttered, they're usually wrong. We now return you to the non-rant items on the board.


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