11 September 2006

Credit Where It's Due

So Saturday I ended up helping my cousin move to her new house in Dahlonega, GA. At 7:30PM we're supposed to be wrapped up and at her brother's house to watch the game. Of course we went over on time and I ended up missing most of the first half. We did have radio and since Jeep makes the best antennae anyone has ever put on an automobile, even out in the backwoods of Dahlonega I could at least listen to the game. But that meant listening to Munson and I have mentioned in the past my problems with Munson broadcasts.

I don't know if he's been taking flack from everyone or if he's just decided to step up his game on his own but the UGA vs. Scar Munson radio broadcast was very good. We knew exactly who was going in to what plays. We knew the formations (more or less) and when Larry was wrong about a spot, he corrected himself. He even mentioned who was going in motion and in what direction they were moving. Minus a few times when the reception started cutting out, I never had to ask myself what was really going on. Larry actually kept us very informed. Keep up the good work.


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