05 September 2006

Bad News Monday - Late Edition

We're back for a new season here at Bad News Monday. In addition to the usual bad news roundup, we'll also be adding a new section: "That's Just Sad." To get you used to it, this week will be an all out "That's Just Sad." Please feel free to add your own.

That's Just Sad:
- Ole Miss had to whip out a trick play against Memphis that made the difference between victory and defeat.

- You know those crappy teams universities schedule to get back in the swing of things? Colorado lost to theirs.

- A team people were saying could possibly win the Pac 10 lost big to a team people thought would finish anywhere from 5th to 8th overall in the SEC.

- Thanks to Georgia, in interdivisional games, Div IAA schools have more safeties than their Div IA opponents.

- Brady Quinn looked better on the ground than he did in the air.

- (ND 2fer) Charlie Weiss, who knows all about zone blitzes from his NFL days, couldn't handle Georgia Tech using it as a one-trick-pony their defense utterly relies on.

- NFL teams who feel good about 3rd and 4th quarter come-from-behind preseason victories. All that means is that if every NFL starter and 2nd stringer died in a car crash on the same day, your leftovers would win.

And the BIG that's just sad goes to...

- Houston, who was so sure they had their running back situation locked up that they passed on both Reggie Bush and LenDale White, is now looking to Ron Dayne to come in and help them with rushing duties while Wali Lundy is the favorite to be the starter.


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