13 September 2006

Bad News Monday - Hey, back off! At least I'm doing one this week,

Did anyone see Atlanta completely shred the Panthers O-line? That was pathetic. Too bad Abraham has an injury that could conceivably nag him all season. And Kerney said he'd be able to play this week but that didn't stop Atlanta from signing an additional DE.

Did anyone see Atlanta completely shred the Panthers D-line? Equally pathetic. Here's a word of advice: Even if you're afraid of the cut block scheme Atlanta is using, don't go public with your feelings. That's just going to make the o-line more confident.

The popular rumour is that the Cardinals hand picked the 49ers to christen their new stadium. If true, how the mighty have fallen. The once proud 49ers to become Arizona's whipping boy. We're talking about the same Arizona team that the georgraphically challenged NFC East chucked out of their division. I still doubt this rumour though given the number of other divisional games being played in Week 1 (which is kind of an oddity).

Can Tomlinson carry the entire San Diego offense against sure-to-be better defenses coming their way this season? How can Oakland let San Diego shred them like that when they know full well the run is coming? What ever happened to making a team beat you with their passing?

The Braves have officially ended their division winning streak.

College Football:
South Carolina got shut out and we heard all about it. I'd sure hate to be Wofford this week. If blowing out such a team improves South Carolina's morale then I can see why they are this bad to begin with.

SMU showed that they have no business in Div I-A football by getting blown out at the hands of North Texas.

Colt McCoy looked like a real Big 12 QB. He threw into heavy coverage, showed off his lack of arm strength, and hit the checkdown when receivers were wide open but he can run some. Texas really should be an option team this year. They don't belong in the Top 10 and I think we'll see them drop accordingly in the next few weeks.

When did Ohio State learn offense? Their D still looks a little fishy to me but they have some weapons on the other side of the ball, especially in the passing department.

Can we stop the nonsensical notion that Joe Paterno will ever be a good coach again? His glory days are over. He should take solace in being the winningest head coach of real college football games. Bowden should be ashamed of claiming Howard victories.

Can we stop the nonsensical notion that Notre Dame beating up an old has-been who had a small glimmer of glory last year is a big deal? The Big 11 has some strong football programs but Penn State isn't one of them anymore.

Speaking of Bowden, did anyone see the glory that is Florida State offense? I really thought they were turning a corner this season but the good folks at Troy showed us that Florida State's offense is as bad as it's been since Richt left the team.

That's just sad (South Carolina Items):
-South Carolina couldn't make a single point off 3 turnovers.

-Statisticlly, For Spurrier to match the offensive output of Lou Holtz, you have to count the offensive things he's said about his team.

-One of the ESPN commentators who picked South Carolina publicly apologized after the game. UGA still won the game despite Corso picking them to win (which is typically a kiss of death).

-Much like the two more recent Clemson games, Georgia Southern, and the last Auburn game where Tubberville got to hold the offensive clipboard, UGA fans were terrified of how their team would do against a vastly inferior team.

-Who though Holtz would make a good TV commentator? Are these the same folks who gave jobs to Deion Sanders and Jerry Glanville? Can Holtz be more of a homer for teams he's coached?

That's just sad (other items):

-Atlanta showed they may have the best D-line in football just in time for an anchor of that line to get injured.

-Aaorn Brooks somehow went to a team with a worse offensive line. At least he's getting better at the one step drop.

-Houston's running game. Especially given the game Bush had for NO.

-Every other team in the Braves division should be ashamed to let them walk away with 14 titles in a row, especially those between 9 and 14.


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