19 September 2006

Bad News Monday - At Least He's Not Paralyzed or Dead Edition

With such a great college football weekend, it's hard to find much more than the obvious bad news.

Pollack is out for the season with a broken neck. At least he's still alive. Would you strap on a helmet and go back after a potentially fatal injury like that? I might just take the money I have and call it a career.

Notre Dame got absolutely trounced by a Michigan team that's not that great. Of course, sports pundits are talking like Michigan can actually win a national title this year but that's just because they refuse to admit they were all absolutely flat out wrong about Notre Dame being an elite team. I'd like to see if Michigan can put those kind of numbers on any of our 3 (4 depending on who you talk to) elite SEC defenses (or even post a win for that matter).

Coutu tweaked his leg a bit while nailing that 55 yarder but it looked like he didn't even get all his weight behind the kick. Hopefully he'll be ok in the next week or so. It made me laugh later that evening when everyone was making a big deal out of Tennessee's 50 yard FG. Is that all?

In the battle of suck, TCU outshined TT and held them to 3 points. Way back when, I always questioned why the Big 8 took TT instead of TCU. TCU being in a lesser conference has hurt their talent and personnel pools since the SWC broke up. Good to see them contending anyways.

I would say something about the offense in the Auburn LSU game but the offense wasn't nearly as bad as the defense was good.

Atlanta has a kicker who can nail 50+ yarders but can't seem to hit 35 yard glorified chip shots.

How many more NFL teams are going to get shut out this year?

Will Rex Grossman be the Florida QB who breaks the curse of Florida players sucking in the NFL? Maybe but he's played some pretty easy teams so far.

A big mantra of not having playoffs in college football is that without playoffs every game counts. Has West Virginia played a game that counts yet? Other than their yearly clash with Virginia Tech, do they play any game at all that really counts? It must be nice to have a 1 game season.

That's just sad...

- SCar only won their "take it out on the little guy because last week a real team whipped us good" game by 7 points. They had to fight to keep the almighty Wofford from coming back for the win.

- Is it just me or did Ainge throw for fewer TD passes than his WR?

- Miami lost to Louisville. 'Nuff said.

- For the first time in 25 years, a defending Super Bowl champion was shut out.

- Tampa Bay lost to a team that missed 4 FGs.


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