05 July 2006

Peyton went and doomed his team

I was in shock after watching Peyton Manning's most recent commercial for NFL Sunday Ticket. For those who aren't familiar, they've taken some real footage from a game in which the Colts were leading the Titans 28-3, and imposed Peyton telling the viewers that this game is a blowout and they should switch to another NFL game on the Sunday Ticket. Oh, wow. If there's one thing the football gods hate, it's grandstanding. He might as well be crying about having to play such an easy team in a bowl game. Indy and specifically Peyton Manning are doomed this year. I don't know how it will unfold but it will. Maybe Tennessee will knock Indy out of the playoffs or maybe Manning will break something like a leg, but it's coming and it's not going to be pretty. What really surprises me is that Peyton Manning of all people should've known better. He's not typically one for boasting.


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