09 July 2006

Italy Wins World Cup

So, ESPN says this wasn't a World Cup for the ages, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Of course, I think it completely classless that Zidane decided to throw in the towel, and with losing his cool probably cost his team the game. I mean, is it just me, or did France look like the better team in the Final?

I was really impressed with Germany, and though they were the host team, I thought they were the ones who absolutely played the best.

I was, of course, disappointed with the US's early exit, and I wonder what it would take to make the US consistently competitive into the later brackets. While there is the constant growl of getting US talent to play for the big Premier league clubs in Europe, I wonder if we don't just hamstring ourselves at home earlier on.

Some brainstorms:

- Get some serious Men's collegiate soccer clubs going at big, state universities.

- Participate in the Copa America consistently.

- Expand the MLS to include some Central American and Carribean squads.

I know soccer will never be the big dog sport here in the US, with the football/basketball/baseball triumvirate so dominant. But we saw this time with the Staples Center being rented out to watch South Korea's games and the crowd today in Boston rooting for Italy that there are serious fans here.

Anyone interested in flying to South Africa in about 4 years?


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