18 July 2006

AFC Preseason Rankings

Without further ado, here are Dante's AFC Preseason Divisional Rankings:

1. Pittsburg - Yeah, I don't like it either but they are the best talent in this division.
2. Cleveland - I don't really think Cleveland will have a great season. They had a good draft but they still have a long way to go before those draftees are ready for prime time. However, I expect a Cinci implosion and nothing better from Baltimore than they gave last year. That puts the Browns at #2 in this division.
3. Cincinatti - Palmer coming back from injury and their defensive stud out for 1/4 of the season? Very bad things will happen to this team this year.
4. Baltimore - They still can't pass and as of last season it seems they can't run either. That's just not good.

1. Indianapolis - Yeah, I know I said they're a doomed team but how doomed do you have to be to not come out on top of a conference consisting of the Titans, Jags, and Texans?
2. Tennessee - Volek is just better than McNair. I'm glad he's finally going to get the chance to start. They're going to do just fine.
3. Jacksonville - A few years ago Jacksonville ran up the score on Miami during Marino's last game. Afterwards one of the team boasted that they were one of the greatest teams ever and a good portion of that team bought into it. They spent the next five or six years in the football wilderness or that. Now they think they're all big and bad because they won 12 games last year ignoring that 4 of them were against totally inept teams in their conference and at least one of the Indy games came after Indy had given up on the perfect season. Jacksonville needs some humblin again and that's just what they're going to get.
4. Houston - Good draft. If those o-linemen work out for them, they'll have a good defense in a few years. A few years in not now. Now they still finish last in the division.

1. New England - They're starting to slide but they're a long way from finished. They still win this lowly division.
2. Miami - Miami finished strong last year after its defense found it's footing and its offense started making some strides. Brown has a year under his belt and they have a decent QB in Culpepper. Defense has never really been as issue here.
3. NYJ - This division was given a gift last year when New York's entire QB corps got injured. Now they're all healthy but none of them are particularly talented. There's also the small matter of the Jets hiring a new coach this year.
4. Buffalo - A whole entire off season and they never really did what they should've to beef up their o-line. Team owner Crier McCrybaby (unofficial name) will have plenty to cry about this year.

1. Denver - Repeat after me: Denver wins division titles. Period. They'll muff the playoffs again but they'll make it back there.
2. Chiefs - Larry Johnson is one bad hombre but he's not enough to overcome that pitiful defense. The Chiefs may make the playoffs but they're not a divisional contender.
3. Oakland - Oakland made some decent moves in the off season and I think it will be enough to keep them 8-8 or better but I wouldn't expect too much out of the Oakland Retirement Castle.
4. San Diego - Rivers just isn't proven enough to have a good season. While I agree Brees had to go, I don't think Rivers is going to jump in immedeately and fill his shoes. I do think San Diego will have the best record of any last place team in their division though.


At 11:18 AM, Blogger The Analyzer said...

"Oakland Retirement Castle." You are living in the past. The Raiders have one of the younger rosters in the league, especially on defense. Warren Sapp is one of our few older players but he can still play.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Welcome to the board, Raider faithful. (By the way analyzer, I didn't call you "Raider faithful" based on this post. I did my homework and found you host a Raiders blog.) Feel free to chime in any time. Comments are always welcome. I will conceed two things in my posting:

1. I'm not the biggest fan of the AFC and I'm also not the biggest fan of West Coast football. Add them both up and you get someone who is admittedly behind current events for West Coast AFC teams.

2. The Raiders get a lot of flack for stereotypes that aren't neccesarily true anymore. However, at some point the Raiders earned every single one of the stereotypes that are used on them. "Retirement Castle" in particular may not be a bleeding-edge current statement but it's not too far in the past.

As a point of interest, do you have any numbers on average ages of rosters in the NFL? I'd just be interested to see them.


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