23 June 2006

Good News Friday: what's so good about it edition

Oh, the summer doldrums are definitely here. The Diamond Dogs ousted from Omaha by Oregon State. The US teams booted from Germany at the hands of World Cup virgins Ghana. No "real" NFL news. For you Braves fans, they still stink this year. NASCAR folks in a tax scandal and introducing unleaded (say it ain't so), and it's a slow race week. Golf, tennis? Yawn.

So what good news do we have this week to start our weekend right? Oh, let us decend deep into the sports stories for this weekend.

Diamond Dog Josh Morris has signed a contract with the Braves. Hopefully, Bulldog fans will be able to see him relatively soon cranking out homeruns in the majors.

World Cup coverage continues this weekend. Us old folk remember when the US didn't even make the group finals, so keep watching and see how far the US still needs to go. There are some spectacular matches ahead starting tomorrow with host Germany facing Sweden and then Argentina (chachacha) against Mexico. I personally hope the Ceruleans ANNIHILATE our urine-flinging Osama-lovin' neighbors to the south. Then Sunday we have England vs. Ecuador and Portugal vs. the Orange of the Netherlands. Should be interesting.

For those who would rather have a more "American" sport, the finals of the College World series have two first time finalists meeting when Oregon State and North Carolina begin their best-of-three series tomorrow at 7 PM on ESPN.

Hockey enthusiasts can look forward to the NHL draft, which is also being held tomorrow. The Thrashers select 12th.

And lastly, the NBA season is over.


At 2:29 PM, Blogger Dante said...

So Georgia had to play the #2 seed and then play one of the two teams that made it to the finals? No wonder they got knocked out so quickly.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Laddi said...

Not only one of the two teams that made it to the finals, but that Oregon State team shut out Rice, not once but two games straight.


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