16 June 2006

Good news Friday: Last weekend of Spring edition

Between helmet-less star QBs, MLB still on roids and enhancers, the Big Unit getting kicked to the curb, the NBA still going on, the NHL's joke for a substance-free proclaimation, the US getting spanked by Czech Republic, injuries, cuts, justice being served at Penn St. and coersion by the NFL (see article below), where's the good news?

Ah, HRS continues to plug away looking for bright spots in sports. As always, local news first.

The Athens Pirates are back in action. Correction to our last report on them: this year they are no longer in the SCBL, due to travel costs. They've already started play against the Norcross Astros and the (I kid you not) Atlanta Crackers. They have a double-header tomorrow vs. the Atlanta Yankees here in Athens. It's free so if you're in the WalMart/HomeDepot westside area, go check them out:

Smith Field - Athens Pirates Home Field
Near Athens, Ga. Home Depot Store (Epps Bridge Road & Hwy 316). Off Old Epps Bridge Road. Take Athens Perimeter Hwy (Loop #10) or Hwy 306 from Atlanta. Exit at Epps Bridge Road. Turn right onto Jennings Mill Parkway and make first left turn onto Old Epps Bridge Road. Field is on the RIGHT about a mile. Look for large CELL TOWER and ball field lights on the right.

So it begins, UGA travels to Omaha to begin their attempt at the national baseball title. They start with the truly scary Rice team (#2 in the country). The tournament is double-elimination, until the finals which is best of 3. Final series play begins next weekend. All games will be on the ESPN or ESPN2. Georgia-Rice is Saturday at 2PM, which sucks because...

The US men's team faces Italy tomorrow at 3PM. After a 3-0 shellacing by the Czech Republic, the US team needs to show why they are ranked #5, why the Czech team is really that good (#2 in the world), and why Italy today isn't the Italy of yesteryears. A loss sends the boys packing. Here's hoping for a solid game from our Yanks.

The US Open starts this weekend. Woods, Mickelson...whatever. Will the 15-year-old kid make the cut? Now that would be entertaining (if only as a footnote).

Roger Clemens has been looking good in the minors. Houston fans, rejoice. He looks like he'll be back before next weekend.

As much as HRS has admitted "we don't like the NBA", the NBA fans are getting a good run for their money in the finals. Dwayne Wade with scoring 2 shy of 80 in the last two games, and is averaging 32 ppg in the series. He's looking to be series MVP is the Heat can pull this out. He's been the reason for the last two wins. Does he have the gas to finish? Will the rest of his team wake up? And can either team win on the road? Miami will HAVE to.

Lastly, Team Croatia needs some motivating, so who else would YOU turn to? Motivational speakers? Old coaches? Old players? Oh, silly me, how could I overlook the obvious? Let's get an old fart rock band, and who else but: Deep Purple! Coincidence that their next team is Japan?



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