03 June 2006

Congratuations, Mavericks (this is NOT an NBA story)

You know they're not walking away with the Title. Heck, they're not even going to the big dance. I'd still like to congratulate the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex's real Mavericks team for making it to the college baseball regionals after they pulled of a big upset in the Southland Conference tournament. Sure, University of Texas at Arglinton is no match for Texas at Austin. The Wolfpack finished them off for good even though UTA managed to hold a lead into the 6th. Still, congratulations for making it to the big boy baseball tournament. And congratulations for giving an ACC team a scare.

So while everyone else is patting the back of the NBA team that didn't even have the decency to look further than 15 miles away to steal a team name (much to the consternation of UTA students at the time), I'd like to take the time to recognize the real Mavericks, who got to play among giants for a day or two.

Disclaimer: My father is a UTA alumni and he was one of those consterned UTA students mentioned above. Just throwing my biases out there so that they are known.


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