11 May 2006

Ridiculously early pre-pre-preseason top three

The title says it all. The linked article has theirs. Let's hear yours.

Dante's Top 3
1. Ohio State - Solid recruiting. Solid players. Solid football. The Big 10 will be weak this year since I firmly believe that Penn State will hit not repeat last year's success and Michigan will get worse before they get better. That leaves Ohio State with a crease to come out on top if they can reverse their fortunes and knock off Texas this year. The o-line is suspect, but in an unproven sort of way.

2. USC - There's a lot of younger talent of this year's team but they're still a good team and unlike Oklahoma, in lopsided games Carroll actually plays a good chunk of his roster instead of running up the score with his starters.

3. Notre Dame - Are they really the 3rd best team in the country? Absolutely not. They'll be well on their way to yet another consecutive bowl loss this year thanks to a ranking way higher than they deserve. Since I think they are really a Top 15 team, the polls will firmly plant them in the Top 5.


At 4:19 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

I'll bite -

1 - OSU - same reasons as Dante listed, plus, they return damned near everybody on offense short of Santonio Holmes. Defense loses AJ Hawk, among others, but nobody in the Big 10 is that scary offensively.

2 - Notre Dame - Loads of talent. Let's see if St. Charlie can continue the magic.

3 - Auburn - should be another big year on the plains. Not much lost from last year's surprise west co-champ.

At 4:50 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

Pat's Obnoxious Non-Binding Top 5!

1. Virginia Tech. Their greatest issue was resolved recently, when New Mexico left to date Miami professionally.

2. LSU. They'll turn on this year, provided Hurricane Zeke doesn't mince the Gulf Coast 3 days before the season again.

3. Ohio State. Head of the class in a Big Ten off year.

4. West Virginia. Hot knife through the butter that is the Big East. Louisville could be a stumbling block, but they are going to pound opponents.

5. Oklahoma. Elvis has left Austin, and with him out the way and Superman pulling the Schooner, This team faces SEC runner up Auburn in the Sugar Bowl back in New Orleans.


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