25 May 2006

No Fun League, indeed...

if everyone's favorite (former) FCC man Michael Powell is voted in as commissioner of the NFL.

And also Jeb Bush? Wha'?? I was listening to ESPN Radio and one of their hacks was saying "What's wrong with Jeb Bush? You don't have to know anything about football to be commissioner." And that's where I'd disagree. See, Tagliabue had two things going for him. 1) He knew sports. He played sports. Maybe not pro sports, but he still played on a "real" college team. 2) The bigger points winner: he was a lawyer... for the NFL. Game. Set. Match. Lawyer. For the NFL. I'll take that guy over a no-real-sports-knowledge politician any day of any month of any year.

And let's go back to Rozell. Rozell wasn't a footballer either. But he was a PR man and had worked with the LA Rams. By the time he became commish, he'd turned the LA Rams into a profitable team after 10 years since their move from Ohio.

It's not about politics. Not about business. It's about knowing sports AS WELL as knowing the business and business politics of sports and sports management. Neither Jeb nor Powell know sports enough to be a commissioner. Yes, they have connections and contacts. They have business experience and understand business politics, but there are plenty of sports-politicos out there who would be better suited for the job. If you're looking for a politics-type man, Lynn Swann anyone?

My thought is keep the list to people who know sports, and have played sports seriously, at the very least on a college level. Else, the NFL could become like the NBA. Players keep flirting the lack of control line in the NFL, and the lack of a strong leader who understands sports in and out cannot maintain the line like Tagliabue (and to be fair the NFLPA exec director Gene Upshaw) have done. And I personnally think Rich McKay is the man for the job. But of course, they don't ask me, but of their short list, he's the man who has help right a ship in a major city with the Falcons. He has connections and the sports knowledge to do well. There may be someone out of nowhere who may be nominated and may be more suited, but they should have SOME knowledge of sports and/or sports business.


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Dante said...

Wow, Atlanta fans can exhale now. They get to keep McKay. For the record, not only did he right the ship in Atlanta but he also did it in Tampa. Set you wayback machine for 20 years ago and see how many people you can convince that Tampa would ever win a Super Bowl. I like this on two fronts:

1. Atlanta keeps McKay.
2. Powell leaves the FCC. Hopfully whoever they put in his old position will do something about this broadcast flag nonsense before broadcasters actually have a chance to start using it. TIVO fans might not want to hold their breaths for that one though.

If we were going political anyways, I'd rather have Ms. Rice take the job. At least she claims it's her dream job.

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Laddi said...

Just to clarify, Powell is already out of the FCC as chairman. Kevin Martin is the current FCC chair.

And has McKay formally declined consideration?

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Sorry, I was speaking in the hypothetical and didn't do a good job conveying it. McKay is a major posibility according to the pundits I've read and he still acts as interested as he can without burning bridges in Altanta.


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