12 May 2006

Good news Friday: ...

Man, is there ANY good news out there in the world of sports? With Jimmy Smith retiring, failed trades, Casserly being run out on a rail (can't necessarily blame them), the NBA and NHL playoffs bringing good or bad news (depending on the side you root for), New Orleans getting crapped on again (see: Hornets), broken wrists, ankles, and noses, illegal car parts, plagarism(?!?), and various people dying, where's the good news??? Even Siegfried and Roy get in on the bad news by getting shot at by a former NFL kicker.

Ahh, we dig deep here.

On a personal level, I love when retired sports personalities get drunk and are put on the air. Harry Caray, Mike Vanderjagt, and Joe Namath. Now we have former Cy Young and MVP winner and former Rookie of the Year Rick Sutcliffe. This isn't necessarily a "good news" story and definitely not as funny as "I wanna kiss ya!", and while alcoholism itself isn't funny, by damn if what those folks have to say isn't hilarious I don't know what is.

And filing this one under the "So we don't have to hear about it again" folder, Texas A&M and the Seattle Seahawks settle their pissing match over the "12th man" lawsuit. Will you folks grow up?

Okay, on to the real good news stories, the Orange County Choppers crew gets in the charity action (again) by donating a new cycle to the Victory Junction Gang Camp, speadheaded by Kyle Petty and his wife Pattie. VJGC helps children with debilitating chronic illnesses.

Finally to round out the short list, the UGA Women's Softball team has advanced to the SEC Softball Tournament. Big whoop, right? Not quite so this year. If the softball team continues its winning ways, UGA well position itself for a bid to host a regional in the national tourney, if not this year, then next. With the newly renamed Turner Complex being a pretty nice facility, this is just the type of auxillary support any university likes to see outside of the success of the major two sports. These regionals bring not only attention to UGA which helps in recruit in all sports, but also adds money into the city of Athens if not for a weekend.

Don't forget to call your mommas (or have a nice breakfast in her honor), and have a great weekend.