30 May 2006

Bad News Tuesday - Wrong Day Memorial Edition

In honor of Memorial Day (and indirectly in honor of mowing the yard and drinking), I've decided to hold off the bad news until Tuesday. We'll start with a whopper (though non-sports-related).

Actor Paul Gleason dies over the weekend. He was 67. You probably remember him from "Breakfast Club," "Die Hard," "Trading Places," "Johhny Be Good," or even "Van Wilder." He only really had one part but he played it so well.

So is the bad news that JP Lossman is right back where he started last year battling it out for a starting position or is the bad news that Kelly Holcomb might not get the starting position over JP Lossman and Craig Nall? I'll let you decide.

Bad news for Vince Young fans: He's not starting as long as Billy Volek is on that team. Billy's a better QB and he's getting 50% of the snaps as compared to Young and Mauck who are each getting 25%. I'd take Volek over anyone who started for Buffalo, Arizona, San Francisco, or Miami last year.

Babe Ruth has fallen to #3 on the career homeruns list. Is he still #1 for carrer strikeouts at bat?

Cubs fans have to be mortified after the Braves win last Friday. It's not often you see 5 hits generate 6 runs. I listened to part of the game on the way home from work and from what I can tell, none of the 9 players for the Cubs have any idea how to field a ball. During an extremely uncomfortable stretch for the Cubs, their 2nd baseman Perez drops the cut-off throw from right field and then muffs the throw to the catcher to give the Braves 2 runs off 2 errors. Then the top of the inning ended and who was first at bat? Cubs 2nd baseman Perez. And for what it's worth, I'd love to cover other baseball moments in detail but until I can get other games on the radio dial, I guess I'll be stuck covering Atlanta.

As a poster child for restructuring the divisions, the Texas Rangers are not only leading their division with 27 wins, they're 4 games up. The only other teams with that kind of a lead are the Mets and Cards with 31 and 33 wins, respectively. It must be nice to only have to worry about 3 other divisional rivals. Major league baseball needs to get over themselves and realize that interleague play isn't the novelty it once was. Ship an NL team over to the AL and just have an interleague game going on at all times.

I hear the NBA season is still going on. That's bad news in and of itself.

Georgia's baseball team got knocked out of the SEC tourney by Vandy. Georgia lost kind of early but then hung on for a while in the loser bracket.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger Laddi said...

More bad news. An eyewitness account that the Gwinnett Gladiators will be done by week's end. Currently, 3-0 down to the very good Alaska Aces, the Glads dropped a 5-4 game yesterday at home. 10 minutes of good play doesn't keep you in the finals for long. However, fans can be happy that they made the championship finals in a sport that isn't supposed to be in the South (*big rolleyes*)


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