01 May 2006

Bad News Monday: Buyer's Remorse Draft Edition

So let's run down all the crappy things that happened over the weekend.

NFL Draft:
Buffalo went a long way in proving how salary cap is not what's keeping them down. A 3rd grader making draft picks by throwing darts at a list could've made better selections. And it's not even that they picked up bad players. They just picked them up WAY too high when they could've traded down for those same players plus a few extra picks.

Matt Leinart could've went #1 overall to San Francisco in 2005. Instead he waited a year, lost a national championship and went #10 to Arizona in 2006. I hope that senior year was worth the $10 million it probably cost him. At least he'll get to throw a lot to some pretty top shelf receivers in Arizona who already has an awesome receiving corps and just added a potentially great receiving TE.

Reggie Bush went #2 (heh, heh, I said #2). Nobody really thought Bush was going anywhere but #1, including young Reggie. Maybe he should've been a little more receptive to Houston's offer. Then again, he might not have gotten a big a bonus but at least New Orleans' o-line is a little better than Houston's. On a related note, Houston did commendably have a better rest-of-draft and pick up some good OTs that they desperately need.

Sports writes are so upset that Houston deep sixed their draft prognostications that they're already chiding Houston and telling them how Bush will be the next Michael Jordan. I thought Michael Vick was the next Michael Jordan? How many Michael Jordans will the NFL have? Apparently Jordan isn't that good at playing football. If Reggie will be such a superstar, then why was he riding the pine when USC was 4th and 2 with the game on the line in an obvious run situation? You'd think the last son of California would get teh ball there but he wasn't even on the field (and that was against a college defense).

Houston fans were upset enough that they didn't get either top-talent Reggie Bush or native son Vince Young, but to twist the knife a bit further, that treacherous Tennesse team that abondoned Houston some years ago (way back when Chris Chandler was their QB) snatched up the Texas hero and left Houston with a DE that should've gone at least 4 spots later than he did.
All that UGA talent, and Atlanta only picked up the not-ready-for-NFL QB from the mix. No Tim Jennings. No Greg Blue. Nothing but someone who probably won't make the summer roster cut unless he swallows some pride and switches positions. This smaks of the token Terrance Edwards pickup Atlanta made a few years ago.

I hear that Cleveland used their first round selection of Wimbley because they heard he could get them a sweet deal on shoes. (Couldn't resist)

Three Ohio State defenders went in the first round. Methinks that none will live up to first round expectations in the NFL. Any time that many players from one team go so high, it's usually because they all make each other look far better as a team than they would look as individuals.

On to baseball:
What do the Rangers, Mets, Reds, and Rockies all have in common? They're all leading their divisions. Shame on the other teams in those divisions.

One little exercise before I go. Give me the top 5 value picks in the draft and your reasoning. What I mean by value pick is the bet talent for where the team got him. I'll post my own shortly.


At 3:06 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Top 5 value picks (not in order):

1. Leinart at #10 - Arizona got a top QB prospect for a #10 spot they didn't even have to trade up for. I still won't hop on the yearly Arizona bandwagon but they are headed in the right direction with a steal at #10.

2. LenDale White #45 - While I do get tired of hearing sports writers claim that 50 or so players are obvious first rounders (despite there only being 32 picks in the first round), getting LenDale anywhere in round 2 is a steal.

3. Brodie Croyle #85 - Kansas City got a decent value back and they got him 4 picks after their nemesis San Diego inexplicably picks up Whitehurst over Croyle. I can certainly see San Diego regretting taking the UGA reject over the best QB Bama has had in a long time.

4. Max Jean-Gilles #99 - Getting a player that has such a high chance of starting in the 4th round is always a good thing. These 3rd and 4th rounders make and break teams far more than 1st round selections.

5. Marcus Vick Undrafted - The entire NFL won by not picking up the younger Vick in this year's draft. I thought Atlanta might take a chance on him since they could probably use a more Vick-like player as a backup once Schaub becomes too expensice to keep. Fortunately, Atlanta satisfied that urge by picking up DJ Shockley.

Upon thinking about it further, I've decided that Buffalo just lost the first page of their draft sheet and mistakenly started drafting as if the 2nd page were their 1st page prospects.

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Laddi said...

1. OG Max Jean-Gilles - 4th rd, Philly (#99)
So many teams passed him up on day 1. And not that Green Bay had a bad draft. They actually did really well, but how could they pass up on a guy like this when they needed both guard positions filled.

2. TE Leonard Pope - 3rd rd Arizona(#72)
I like Arizona's draft and this was there best value pick. A strong TE who can handle the ball, they did well picking him up so late in the first day.

3. Winston Justice - 2nd rd. Philly
Yeah, that's two value picks for Philly. They got two first rounders for swapping a lower 2nd round pick and a fourth round selection. You can't complain if you're an Eagles' fan.

4. DeMeco Ryans - 2nd rd Houston (#33)
Intelligent and quick, Houston is lucky that 10 teams before them didn't feel they needed an OLB.

5. Brodie Croyle - 3rd rd KC (#85)
I understand the durability concern, but the guy has great mechanics. Being that KC has Green, he should make a good transition to the NFL level.

I'd put Ko Simpson in the top 5 but Buffalo already drafted a safety round 1, so Ko had no value for them even on the second day. Buffalo's draft is my Exhibit B for my
"Wilson screws Buffalo"

Best draft maneuvering - 1st round Jets. I changed my mind on my mock and shouldn't have. They did indeed do the OT/C 1-2 combo and that will work out well for them.

Worst draft maneuvering (other than Bills, as noted above) - 1st round Steelers. Why trade up for a position that was deep, a player who would have likely fallen to you anyways, and with picks you could have used for more depth? I don't get it.


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