19 April 2006

Winter Sports thoughts...

Alrighty, as we close out the NHL and NBA regular seasons, I have a few thoughts to throw around. And yes, I really am going to talk about the NBA.

First, the Hawks. Yes, they still do exist, and yes, I actually watched about 3 games worth of telecasts, put together. It's a very, VERY, young team. It's also a very, VERY, fast team. With the potential for 27 wins on the season with a win tonight, the Hawks will have more than doubled their win total from last year's abysmal season. I'm not going to even begin to speculate on the Hawks draft choices in June/July/whenever the hell the NBA drafts, suffice to say, ifin I were the GM, I'd draft the biggest, best, inside-banger/glass-cleaner on the board, and try to trade one of the eleven 2-3 tweeners we have for a veteran point guard. If that works out, we could see a return to the playoffs with a young, exciting team.

I really want to like the Hawks again, and I really want them to win. Do this right, guys.

On the Thrashers. Heartbreaking the way the season ended, as 90 points will usually get you into the playoffs, but, it's a GIANT leap forward. What would I have liked to have seen different? Kari Lehtonen getting a couple nights off after Dunham was whole again. I'd have liked to seen the lines shaken up earlier (who'd have thought that a rookie with the speed of Jim Slater would have done well with two old, wily, cagey vets like Bobby Holik and Peter Bondra?)

Thoughts for the upcoming year? Keep as many of the vets as humanly possible. Bring up Braydon Coburn. He's ready to make several impacts. Get new groins for the goaltenders, preferably the stretchy kind that don't get hurt all at once. If you're going to sell off any assets, sell some of the young wings/forwards we have in the minors, perhaps one of the younger goalies, and bring in that 'A' level defenseman.

The NFL draft contest is coming up soon. Be ready.



At 10:01 AM, Blogger Laddi said...

NBA is never on in this household, so I can only comment on the Thrashers.

I admit I was wrong wrong wrong on the McCarthy deal. Instead of a big "so what", that guy proved his worth 10x over. We have to keep him. Have to. He's our best two-way defensemen, one the Thrash sorely needed.

That said, I think Waddell should have tried getting more young, good defensemen. I think that the Thrashers ended up just points away from the playoffs will help to that end. We need blueliners. That's it. That's all the team needs. 6th in scoring while being 7th worst in goals against and 6th worst in penalty kill shows what needs to be done.

The team was also in the bottom half of shots against, which puts a lot of pressure on the goalie.

If the Thrashers do not make the playoffs in '07, Hartley will be gone and I won't shed a tear. Good guy, seems to be a good coach, but we're ready for a great coach. Is Hartley a great coach or one that looks good with great talent?

PS = Are you serious about the NFL mock draft??

At 10:07 AM, Blogger Laddi said...

Oh, and move Garnett up to Chicago. What's he doing with his talent in Gwinnett? Have Shields tutor him so he can be Kari's back up in 2007-08.

At 2:00 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

yes i'm serious about the Mock Draft contest. see a post i made about a month ago harbinging such a thing...


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