04 April 2006

We own your stupid sport.

Football factory Florida sealed the deal last night an claimed the NCAA basketball crown. This is a beautiful day for football fans. Take that, ACC. Not only is your new supposedly superpowered football conference not at all living up to expectations (you still put a 3-loss football team in a BCS Bowl this year and the SEC's LSU pounded your new powerhouse Miami into the dirt at the Peach Bowl), but you also can't even hold onto your basketball prowess.

S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!

I'm also glad Florida won that game because when even the professional sports writers were picking UCLA, the best reasoning they could come up with is UCLA's basketball history. Apparently, they won a national title with Harrick? Is that the same Harrick who disgraced our Georgia basketball program?


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