07 April 2006

More Sports Jackassery at Duke

It isn't bad enough that the Duke and its lacrosse team has the sexual assault issue to work through. Now, it seems that there were threats made for, and I kid you not, DRIVE-BY SHOOTINGS of the lacrosse house, so much so that all students living in the area are warned to be on guard due to a preported shooting earlier:

"[Police officials] said the incident is unrelated to two gang-related, retaliatory shootings earlier Friday in Walltown, several blocks from East Campus."

Drive-bys?!? And we worry about IM fields being torn up by drunk alumni. Since no one knows who's making the threats, I don't necessarily have one jackass to specifically call out. And no lacrosse player has been charged in the alleged incident. But the whole situation and aftermath smell as if there are a lot of jackasses in the vicinity, hiding in a deep blue background. Those devils...

Btw, I'm sure this is doing wonders for their admissions at this time of the year.


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