14 April 2006

Good News Friday: Good Friday edition

Since the major three aren't really churning anything good out, and there's not much good news in the college ranks, we'll shift to the lesser known sports and happenings.

Now this is a good news record: Kevin Alderton of Kent, England set the world record for downhill skiing speed...blind. I can't ski well seeing. This guy went 100 mph downhill. Yowzas!

In the world of the NHL, the Thrashers are keeping their playoff hopes alive after a 5-3 win over division foe Washington. In last nights game, Marc Savard played his 500th career game, in which he tallied his 400th career point. Also, rookie phenom Alexander Ovechkin topped the 50 goals mark and became only the second player in NHL history to have 50 goals and 100 points in their rookie season.

Tomorrow night over in California, Athens' own Forrest Griffin faces Tito Ortiz in a Ultimate Fighting Championship bout that's dubbed "Reality Check." For those who may not know, Forrest attended UGA, became a UGA Policeman, and then went out to Nevada to compete in the UFC Ultimate Fighter "reality TV" contest. He won in the light-heavyweight class after fighting Stephan Bonner, which launched his pro career with UFC. He's good. Should be interesting.

His training partner Rory Singer is now trying to follow Forrest's footsteps in the recent season of "The Ultimate Figher."


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