28 April 2006

Good News Friday: Criterium Edition

What a mess of a week. Ricky, good to some folks don't care what you do on your free time. But then again, they're Canadian. Watch that thumb. The NCAA makes the bowl season even less significant. Two people die at Talladega erecting something. Baseball still has steroids and still sucks. And 77-years-young ABC college sports play-by-play icon Keith Jackson takes his curtain call.

But there has been good news, so let's start the weekend right.

First, no one in Georgia cares about Green Bay, so the good news is we don't have to hear about that damn QB from Kiln, Mississippi again until hopefully July at the earliest.

Next, the absence of GNF didn't affect the Lady Gym Dogs as they flipped and tumbled their way to back-t0-back championships after going undefeated on the season. Now if their coach would tell her boyfriend to stop street fighting... oh whatever, it made for a good laugh. And the ladies defeated the UGA men's football team in the weight room as well.

Also, while the Thrashers couldn't quite close the deal and make it to the NHL playoffs, the Gwinnett Gladiators are in the midst of their playoff round two series after crushing South Carolina in a series sweep. Now they face the Florida Everblades. Winner of the series will advance to the playoff semifinals. The Glads lead 1-0. Tickets are still available for tonight's game.

Two other perennial events are happening this weekend which should hopefully bring joy to those in Athens.

Cyclists from all over the world will be coming to the Classic City to brave the downtown bums as they hope to bike their way to victory in the yearly Twilight Criterium. Anything that pisses old man Heery off is okay in my book. Plus, it's another reason to drink outside. And if you're not the drinking kind or have kidlets in tow, there is plenty for the family.

Then that night, there's the sixth(?) annual Twilight Delirium at the 40 Watt.

And for those stay-home types, I don't think I need to remind you that you'll probably be feeling a "draft" of a different sort. What other 48 hour period moves this many men from the mac-n-cheese caste to the "millionaire" category? God bless America.

If you have any good news, feel free to add in the Comments section. Have a great weekend!


At 9:12 AM, Blogger Dante said...

I was OK with a 5th BCS bowl that wouldn't be a 4+1. Sure the NCAA is lying through their teeth when they claim that it will give them a chance to put more teams from lesser conferences in BCS Bowls. It'll just be a dumping ground for almost-beens from the major conferences. I'm fine with an Outback-Bowl calibur game donning a BCS label.

I'm even OK with 5 new Bowl games. I don't watch most of the ones on now anyways. Why should I care if there are even more on for me to not watch?

But this has gone too far:
"The NCAA board of directors also approved a proposal allowing teams with .500 records to qualify for bowl games if the conference has a contract with a bowl game. Also, teams with .500 records could earn bowl bids if all other Division I-A teams with winning records have been taken and postseason spots still remain vacant."

If you're not even going to require that teams have winning records for bowl elgibility, then why not just remove bowl eligibility entirely? This is obviously a push from the bigger conferences to get their teams a bowl shot when they quite frankly don't deserve it. Just open the floodgates and let the bowls pick whoever they want.


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