12 April 2006

Going too far in sports

Wait wait wait, let me get this straight. You walk in as a police officer and see what you would call a brutal murder, and then come a day later and say it was "an accident" and he "tripped while carrying a salad and soft drink up a set of stairs". Now I may have fallen off the turnip truck yesterday, maybe last weekend, but falling down the stairs, even with a iron railing, the worse I would imagine is maybe a minor cut or at worse a cut and a broken arm. But even if there could be a cut, one such that in the aftermath "the victim was so badly disfigured his body would have to be identified through fingerprints or dental records", we're supposed to believe this guy, instead of calling for help, goes back upstairs to his bedroom? "He walked past several telephones but didn't place an emergency call, Scott said." Baffling.

I smell fish.


As one who is an Auburn fan, it is easy E-A-S-Y for me to write about the ills of boosters. With Emporer Lowder pulling the strings in the plains while all-that-is-evil Bama has Paul Bryant Jr., there isn't anything more ridiculous to me than utilizing influence for a game. But that is their side hobby, and they do it well...kind of... and that's their perogative.

Nonetheless, for any NCAA transgression they may take (and let's not kid, they ALL have at some point), I would never EVER EVEREVEREVER think murder as an appropriate measure of recourse. Granted, this is speculative on my part. However, is it coincidence that just last year, Logan Young Jr. was sentenced to prison time for serious recruitment violations? You'd think justice was served, right? Well, months later, Mr. Young has been found dead after, what police are calling, a brutal murder.

Granted, Mr. Young may have been a little too late on money owed to Guido down the road or was caught in the wrong bed at the wrong time. From what I've read, doubtful. We really won't know until the investigation is done. Again, I'm being speculative.

But that said, there are lines in everything. And if this is related to the violations, someone has crossed it, way way beyond the limit. And it's sad on many levels. First, the tragedy of death in itself. Then second is the level of ... passion (for lack of a better word) some fans have over a game. I'm a diehard football fan, but there is that thing called perspective that I like to utilize, recognizing that in the end, it's a game. Fun to discuss, great to play, and thrilling to watch, but in the end -- A GAME. Many men and women make money either playing it, owning it, or betting on it. Big big money, yes. And it's fun enough to write blogs over. But enough to kill over? I'm sorry, run that past me again. Seriously. No. Maybe I'm not rich enough, dumb enough, or angry enough of a person or maybe a combination of all three to understand. Given the threats people have made to players like Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron (just to name two of many) or the not-so-threat-like killing of the Colombia soccer player in the 90's, stabbing of Monica Seles, and the Nancy Kerrigan incident, I'd say it could be all three. But they do say the love of money is the root of all evil.

Condolences to the Young family on this tragedy.

A big middle finger from me, a Tiger fan, to the person(s) who did this. You really really suck and are worse than everything else wrong with sports combined. Hopefully, with any eternal justice there is a special place in Hell for you and sports "fans" like you.


At 12:13 PM, Blogger Dante said...

The current rumor mill stories are saying this is family related, not football related. Of course, that's just rumor.


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