10 April 2006

Bad News Monday

Since Laddi did his best to leave us with a high note on Friday, I thought it a good idea to drag us back into the mud now that it's Monday.

After going to the women's NCAA tourney during her first year as a coach for Army, Coach Maggie Dixon suddenly died at age 28.

That was last week's news but I was throwing it out there to soften the blow of Georgia's absolutely pitiful QB and receiver performances at G-Day. When the QB's weren't busy throwing picks, they were hitting receivers who have apparently never handled a football before. Sure it was wet and the throws weren't always the best they could be, but there were quite a few not-perfect-but-catchable passes that simply weren't caught (unless you're counting the defense). I don't put any faith in running performcance on a scrimmage game so no telling how they'll do in the regular season.

Ricky Williams is probably out for next year for the usual reason. Saban should've gotten rid of him when he had the chance. Then again, Saban shouldn't have a big say in personnel at all but he does. Only being in the NFL for two or three seasons now, somebody else should be making the big boy personnel decisions.

Favre still won't make a decision about next year (but will hold a press conference to announce his lack of decision). If I were in the head office at Green Bay, I'd cut him. It's not like he's going to sign with anyone else. Go ahead and cut him and let him know the door is open for him to try out for the QB position any time he wants. Green Bay can do better than Brett Favre in his current condition.

Buffalo can't even get the players they do have to show up at mini-camp. Maybe they can let Nate Clements play under the old defensive system and just get the rest of the defense to adjust to that.

The Atlanta Braves are off to another slow start. They're going through 3 to 4 pitchers a night. And for some reason, there are still 6 teams in the NL Central while the AL West has only 4 teams. My advice is to drop two teams. My secondary advice is to get over the idea that interleague play is anything special now and shuffle an NL team over to the AL and just have one interleague series going on at all times.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Bruce Ciskie said...

re: Favre

The Packers are just fine waiting. They wouldn't have operated any differently in free agency no matter what Favre decided or when he decided it. And they'll have Rodgers ready for the opener (as ready as he can be) whether Favre decides tomorrow or next month.

And it's stunning how many Packer fans really don't care that much about this story. They just want to know when he makes up his mind.

At 3:21 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Oh, G-Day. I was going to make a long-winded post about this, but, since you beat me to the punch, I'll just place my thoughts here.

The good - Defense looked good. Asher Allen looks like he'll be the new playmaking threat in the defensive backfield. Good coverage by the corners, Good penetration by the D-Line. Kregg Lumpkin was attacking the holes in the line at full speed, and didn't seem to be held back by concerns about his knee, as he did last year.

The bad - The passing game overall didn't do much to inspire confidence. Routes were run poorly, throws were made poorly, balls were caught poorly. The linebackers looked somewhat mediocre.

The Ugly - The quarterback position. From where we sat, I'd rate the seeding chart out as follows. 1 - nobody. 2 - JoeT, 2a - JoeC, 3 - Stafford. I'll make some allowances for field conditions, and some for a completely inexperienced recieving corps, but, come on guys, throw to the guys in the same color you're wearing.

The caveats - I'll hold off on any offensive line commentary, as the tackles had to play for both sides due to a lack of depth. This also accounted for a lack of any real blitzing during the game. Game/field conditions were poor to miserable due to the rain and wind of the morning/afternoon. The playbook was very obviously vanilla, but the defense looked like it has gelled faster than the offense.

the summary - Perhaps it's time to move to an offense/defense type of game, which will allow for a better rotation, reduce the number of crossover players, and give the fans a better chance to evaluate the talent. Summer practice should be interesting, as the battle for the starting job looks to be wide open again. Look for Matthew Stafford to take a redshirt this year, and look for Knowshon Moreno to join him.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Laddi said...

Re: Clemens. That's what I'm talking about. Not even a week after I did a write-up on it, Ralph Wilson goes crying again about that CBA that's beating up on those lowly teams like Buffalo. I hope the whole Buffalo team holds out until Wilson just shuts his yap. What's with this "new guard owners" crap? Al Davis? The Rooneys? The city of Green Bay? The Maras? Modell? Irsays? I can't remember every owner but I believe most of these PRECEDE this asshat by at least one if not several GENERATIONS. All were on board with this CBA.

I'll give him this: that the details of the revenue-sharing aren't yet fleshed out would have me worried as an owner of KC, Buffalo, Indy, et al. I'd even be worried as a big market team, too, as you want to know how much your share into the NFL welfare fund will be. But come on. It is NOT in the owners' collective best interest to ask a few owners to bend over. Well, hopefully not:

"The NFL is still determining how teams will qualify for the labor deal's new revenue-sharing model. The league is considering a proposal that would prevent new owners from initially taking part in the program."

So I can understand Mr. Wilson in some areas.

But obviously I'm not the only one writing about it.

"But his tack is disturbing and almost comes off as though he's waving the white flag of surrender, and that's not good."

Exactly. And remember, folks, Hurricane_Radio was on this like white on rice.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Maybe Buffalo could use some of that excess cap space to sign Brett Favre :) They'd get another has-been to add to the roster and it'd be fun watching him scramble under the 2nd worst offensive line in football (behind Houston, of course).

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Laddi said...

I wrote this in my first column on Mr. Wilson's Bills:

He'll keep making token moves to undermine himself.

Now we have Exhibit A. Nice.

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Dante said...

I like you exhibit A. Next thing you know, Atlanta will resign Jeff George and San Franciso will pick up Terrell Owens.

Maybe Buffalo can find a way to keep Moulds and they can put "Has" on Mould's jersey and "Been" on Price's jersey.


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