24 April 2006

The 2006 NFL Draft Prognostication Pontification Contesterelation

Ok, draft date is Saturday, so, get your pick sheets in before noon Saturday. Rules are as follows.

  • Predict the first round, including trades.

  • 10 pts for coming closest to correct in the overall draft order 1-32. Ties will split these points.

  • 1 pt for selecting the player in the right slot

  • 0.5 pts each for selecting the right position/wrong player (i.e. LenDale White goes #1, you picked Reggie Bush)

  • 0.5 pts each for selecting the right player, wrong team(i.e. Reggie Bush goes #1 to the Jets who trade down, you picked Bush to the Texans).

For the purposes of scorekeeping, please post your picks, 1-32, in the following order.

1 - Texans - Marcus Vick
2 - Saints - Tony Graziani

Also, there will be 1 bonus point added for picking the round and team for each of the following players (0.5pts for each portion correct, non-split.)

Leonard Pope
Max Jean-Gilles
Demario Minter
Tim Jennings
Greg Blue
D.J. Shockley
Kedrick Golston
Dennis Roland
Russ Tanner
Gerald Anderson
Will Thompson
Marcus Vick

Mock drafts and other things can be found at the following locales:

Save any commentary for after the list if you would. Should be an interesting draw...


At 9:06 AM, Blogger Dante said...

For your bonus players, can we pick "undrafted"? (There are a lot fewer rounds than there used to be.) If so, how does that work score-wise?

At 1:21 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

absolutely. if you guess undrafted, and are right, you get yerself a point.

I also need to mention, the winner of this fine fiasco will win hisself or herself, however one may be referring to onesself these days, 4 to 5 sentences of mildly effusive praise. And braggin' rights.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Laddi said...

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At 12:36 PM, Blogger Laddi said...

1. Texans - RB R. Bush
2. Saints - OT D. Ferguson
3. Tennessee - QB M. Leinart
4. Jets - DE M. Williams
5. Packers - LB AJ Hawk
6. 49ers - TE V. Davis
7. Raiders - QB V. Young
8. Bills - LB E. Sims
9. Lions - OT W. Justice
10. Cardinals - S M. Huff
11. Rams - LB C. Greenway
12. Browns - DT B. Bunkley
13. Ravens - DT H. Ngata
14. Eagles - DE K. Wimbley
15. Broncos - WR Chad Jackson
16. Dolphins - CB Ji. Williams
17. Vikings - QB J. Cutler
18. Cowboys - S Ja. Allen
19. Chargers - WR S. Holmes
20. Chiefs - CB Tye Hill
21. Patriots - RB DeA. Williams
22. 49ers - DE/LB M. Lawson
23. Bucs - OT M. McNeill
24. Bengals - CB A. Cromartie
25. Giants - S D. Whitner
26. Bears - OG D. Joseph
27. Panthers - LB DeM. Ryans
28. Jaguars - C N. Mangold
29. Jets - RB L. Maroney
30. Colts - RB L. White
31. Seahawks - OG Jean-Gilles
32. Steelers - S Ko Simpson

Leonard Pope - 2nd rd. Broncos (no credit if right, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Jags or Bengals take him rd. 1)
Max Jean-Gilles - 1st rd. Seahawks
Demario Minter - 4th rd. Seahawks
Tim Jennings - 4th rd. Ravens
Greg Blue - 5th rd. Patriots
D.J. Shockley - 7th rd. Titans
Kedrick Golston - 7th rd. Steelers
Dennis Roland - undrafted Couch potatoes
Russ Tanner - undrafted Couch potatoes
Gerald Anderson - undrafted Couch potatoes
Will Thompson - undrafted Couch potatoes
Marcus Vick - undrafted Couch potatoes

- I think Houston would make a terrible mistake wasting their #1 on Reggie. The Bush-DomDavis combo isn't much of an improvement over DomDavis-Wells.

- San Francisco did well trading with Denver.

- Arizona is a pain in the buttox to prognosticate. They may take Cutler, but then again they may want to trade down, especially with a team like Baltimore looking for ways to move up.

- Buffalo would want to move down if they can't move up to get Williams. That eighth position does them little good.

- Baltimore doesn't need a QB as bad as even people like me think. They won't go there round 1. The Browns and Ravens will take Bunkley and Ngata in some order with the Browns dictating who the Ravens pick.

- Minnesota will find themselves in an interesting spot if Baltimore passes up on Cutler. Philly too as McNabb's injuries will catch up with him, and I don't see him lasting many more years in Philly.

- Dallas grabbing Gabe Watson may be a reach, but is a need. They could take a safety, too.

- Anyone who thinks Corey Dillon can carry the Patriots a full season, raise your hand. Anyone? Okay, so the Pats will likely go defense round 1, but I'd advise otherwise.

- The Giants will finalize a very good effort at solidifying their defensive backfield.

- The Jets at 29 will want to grab the best available RB there, instead of waiting to see what's left when they pick against at 35. LBs are deep enough to hold off on.

- For the Steelers, the gap between Ko Simpson and Pat Watkins is too great to gamble on. You gave up Chris Hope with a set plan... right?

Most likely trades:
-> Saints to #1 giving up their 1st and 4th round picks, plus a 2007 pick
-> Buffalo to #3 for their #8 and a second-round to get Mario Williams
-> Ravens to #10 for their #13 and a couple of fourth round picks to get the NT of their choice

At 12:37 PM, Blogger Laddi said...

The above post is a corrected submission.

At 2:46 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

ok, here goes nothing...

1 - Reggie Bush - RB - Texans
2 - D. Ferguson - OL - Saints
3 - V. Young - QB - Titans
4 - M. Williams - DE - Jets
5 - AJ Hawk - LB - Packers
6 - V. Davis - TE - 49ers
7 - M. Leinart - QB - Raiders
8* - J. Cutler - QB - Rams*
9 - M. Huff - DB - Lions
10 - E. Sims - LB - Cardinals
11* - W. Justice - OL - Eagles
12 - H. Ngata - DT - Browns
13 - B. Bunkley - DT - Ravens
14 - C. Jackson - WR - Bills
15 - S. Holmes - WR - Broncos
16 - J. Williams - DB - Dolphins
17 - C. Greenway - LB - Vikings
18 - M. Lawson - LB - Cowboys
19 - J. Williams - DB - Chargers
20 - A. Cromartie - DB - Chiefs
21 - L. White - RB - Patriots
22 - T. Hill - DB - 49ers
23 - N. Mangold - OL - Buccaneers
24 - L. Pope - TE - Bengals
25 - S. Moss - WR - Giants
26 - M. Lewis - TE - Bears
27 - D. Williams - RB - Panthers
28 - D. Whitner - DB - Jaguars
29 - K. Clemens - QB - Oregon
30 - L. Maroney - RB - Colts
31 - A. Youboty - DB - Seahawks
31 - J. Allen - DB - Steelers

notes -
Rams trade 1 and 4 to Bills to move to 8
Eagles trade 1 and 5 to Bills to move to 11

Dawgs -
Pope - 1 - Bengals
Gilles - 2 - Falcons
Minter - 3 - Panthers
Jennings - 5 - Jets
Blue - 5- Bengals
Shockley - 6 - Falcons
Golston - 6 - Redskins
Roland - 7 - Cardinals
Tanner - UFA
Anderson - UFA
Thompson - UFA
Marcus 'I'ma shoot me somebody, after I have sex with these drunken, underage, girls' Vick - 7 - Raiders (could it be anyone else?)

Houston needs Reggie Bush like I need a dozen Krispy Kreme's. TRADE DOWN! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TRADE DOWN! TAKE D'BRICKSHAW FERGUSON!

I think we might see 3 or 4 more trades in the first round, with people after 15 dropping back to stockpile picks.

Atlanta could still ship Matt Schaub to the QB hungry Vikings if the big three are off the board early.

If the Falcons yet again fail to attempt to draft one of the big names from UGA, I may have to go burn something down. I may also go to Arthur Blank's house and urinate on the lawn.

I have a gut feeling that Leonard Pope goes to the Bengals, because the Bengals like the UGA product. The Steelers, Seahawks, and Patriots may also jump in on this bandwagon.

Sinorice Moss will be remembered as the biggest 1st round bust from this class.

Brodie Croyle will end up in Dallas, as a third round pick, and will be VERY productive for the Cowboys for many years.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Dante said...

1. Houston - Reggie Bush RB
2. New Orleans - Mario Williams DE
3. Tennessee - Matt Leinart QB
4. NY Jets - D. Ferguson OT
5. Green Bay - A.J. Hawk OLB
6. San Francisco - Vernon Davis TE
7. Oakland - Vince Young QB
8. Buffalo - Winston Justice OT
9. Detroit - Michael Huff S
10. Arizona - Jay Cutler QB
11. St. Louis - Ernie Sims OLB
12. Cleveland - Brodrick Bunkley DT
13. Baltimore - Kamerion Wimbley DE
14. Philadelphia - Haloti Ngata DT
15. Denver - Chad Jackson WR
16. Miami - Jimmy Williams CB
17. Minnesota - Chad Greenway OLB
18. Dallas - Donte Whitner S
19. San Diego - Johnathan Joseph CB
20. Kansas City - Tye Hill CB
21. New England - Santonio Holmes WR
22. San Francisco - Manny Lawson DE
23. Tampa Bay - Antonio Cromartie CB
24. Cincinnati - Leonard Pope TE
25. NY Giants - Bobby Carpenter OLB
26. Chicago - Ashton Youboty CB
27. Carolina - DeAngelo Williams RB
28. Jacksonville - DeMeco Ryans OLB
29. NY Jets - LenDale White RB
30. Indianapolis - Laurence Maroney RB
31. Seattle - Jason Allen S
32. Pittsburgh - Nick Mangold C

Leonard Pope - 1, Cinci
Max Jean-Gilles - 2, Pittsburg
Demario Minter - 3, Seattle
Tim Jennings - 4, Cinci
Greg Blue - 3, Pittsburg
D.J. Shockley - 7, New England
Kedrick Golston - Undrafted
Dennis Roland - Undrafted
Russ Tanner - Undreafted
Gerald Anderson - Undrafted
Will Thompson - Undrafted
Marcus Vick - Undrafted

Since I'm incredibly short on time (new baby and all) and care little for the draft in the first place, I just copied and pasted the first recect mock draft I could find that pasted itself nicely in the proper format. I did put some real though into the bonus round and picked teams that seem to like picking up new UGA talent.

I will say that Houston is run by morons if they pick up Bush. They should trade down and get some future O-linemen. There are a few good ones to be had in this draft.

At 11:10 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Ladies and gentlemen, everybody's draft has now taken it in the can. Unless by some masterstroke of draft day trading, the Houston Texans are now the proud owners of their very own, Mario Williams. We'll see what comes to pass at high noon...

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

< butthead*voice >

Uhhhhh - huh huh huh. Whutt's the draft? It, uhhhh, ryhmes with shaft. That's cool. Huhh huhh huhh.

< /butthead*voice >

The NFL is so alien to me, and I don't even know enough players to fill out a 32 team card. I wish I could even guess, but I might accidentally name some baseball players and PGA no-names to fill in my list.

Let's start a pre-season college football Top 25!

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Houston, what have you done? You did the right thing in not selecting Bush, but why on earth didn't you trade down a bit to get your DE. He wasn't leaving that board for at least 5 spots. Trade to 6 and get some more picks for goodness sake! This is the worst case scenario: no Bush and no extra picks.

Oh, and a big "Ha! Ha!" to Matt Leinert. Vince Young got selected first.

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

No Georgia boys in the 1st round?



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