31 March 2006

Sports Jackassery

As most of you know, I could care less about baseball, but I got to reading about this Tavarez suspension, and this guy.

This guy is such a tool. First, he got suspended for starting a fight... in preseason baseball. preseason. That's right. He's getting pissed off when the games don't even matter.

But there's more: this is the SECOND time this jackass has been suspended for preseason shinanigans, and his fourth time being suspended in his career, and once was fined for a post-season incident. Huh?? This guy's sense of timing is worse than Peter Criss.

Earth to Tavarez: wait until it really matters before being a jackass.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger Dante said...

So this is the guy who launched the ball just over Jeff "I bat while sitting on the ground" Bagwell's head? Glad to see he hasn't lost his hot head :) Is this also the same guy who kept launching the ball within inches of that plate-crowder Barry Bonds back when he was allowed to cheat and wear plate-mail armor because he was too injured to not wear it but somehow not too injured to play? I thought they were the same guy but I could be wrong. Maybe our resident Giants fan SAWB knows the answer to that one.

Losing your cool in preseason is pretty lame but at least last time he was suspended pre-season he didn't actually start the fight according to what I've read.


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