20 March 2006

It's official: TO is a Cowboy now.

Somehow the one-sided Eagles-Dallas rivalry has been brought up yet another notch. (One-sided? Yes, while Philly might think that Dallas is their big rival and Philly fans hate the Cowboys with all their hearts and souls, Dallas knows that their real rivals are those faux-Indians from our nation's capital. Dallas fans see Philly fans as little more than a poorly-dressed annoyance.) Terrell Owens will be donning the blue star this year and playing the majority of his games in Texas Stadium. Dallas has long been a home to over-the-top personalities who are quite talented. From Duane Thomas (the original Ricky Williams) to Hollywood Henderson to Deion Sanders, Dallas has always welcomed such players with open arms. And for all of you wondering how Cowboys fans will react to having TO on the roster now, I imagine Dallas fans would rather have TO on their roster than on Philly's roster. Let's not kid ourselves though. This arrangement won't work out in the long run. Dallas had better hope they get a Super Bowl ring for the risk they're taking.


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