28 March 2006

HA! HA! We don't even care about your stupid sport.

I don't exactly hide the fact that I don't keep up with college basketball. I usually watch it here and there up until the tourney and then lose all interest. (I do realize that most people feel the opposite about it.) This year, I've actually read a few news articles about the tournament because:
a. I've been in a car for 28 out of the last 96 hours.
b. Texas and two SEC teams have made it pretty far into the tournament.

At this point, I can't help but smile because two SEC teams, a Pac10 team, and a team I've never even heard of are competeing for the NCAA tournament championship. The best part is that the SEC's only real basketball school (Kentucky) isn't even one of the two teams. This is beautiful. An SEC team has a 50/50 shot of winning and we don't even care about the stupid sport. What's even more beautiful is that the best looking team in terms of margin of victory right now is Florida. I'm not the biggest fan of the blue and orange but I would be supremely proud of that football factory if they brought home the basketball title and put the trophy where it belongs: in the janitor's broom closet or in the football locker room as a jock strap holder. They could cut down the nets and use them to fashion up some fishnet stockings for their trashily dressed female football fans.

On a small tanget and in order to tie this post in with a good sport, this college basketball tournament will go a long way to ensuring that a playoff doesn't happen any time soon in college football. Imagine if a football tournament yielded two basketball schools, a school thought to be in a joke of a major conference, and a mid-major school that nobody has heard of as its four remaining teams (The humor of taking a number and coming up with a word that starts with the same letter to put up in front of the number escapes me. I won't even try to imagine what stupidity football fans will come up with to place in front of the word "four"). Imagine that this mid-major school had a decent but not great record against mostly nobodies and didn't win their conference but still knocked at least two football powerhouses out of the tournament. This would be the NCAA's worst nightmare for college football. They may not publicly state it, but whenever they meet amongst themselves and someone mutters something about a playoff, those football schools will make a nervous laugh and mention something about how they don't want to end up with a tournament like the 2006 NCAA Basketball Tournament.


At 1:45 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

I'll have nightmares about this one: "The Flag-Boy Four of Football" Eastern Region Semis @ the Peach Bowl in Atlanta: North Carolina Tar-Heels vs Connecticut Huskies. Western Region Semis @ the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe: UCLA vs San Diego State University.


And, btw: Geaux you Fuzzy Tigers

At 10:58 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Oh, come on Pat, we can do better than those four.

The Flaggelating the NCAA for allowing this to happen Four.

First National Semi-final @ the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

#12 seed Texas Tech, having knocked out #5 FSU, #4 Florida, and #1 USC by a combined score of 550-300 against #15 Hawaii, who went on a similar path, knocking out #2 seed Texas, #3 seed Michigan, and #6 seed Miami by a combined score of 600-599.

Second National Semifinal, @ the Smurf Bowl in Idaho - #8 seed Kent State v. #7 seed Louisville.

You get Texas Tech, who like UCLA, wouldn't be considered the 'best' team in their conference most years. Hawaii out of the WAC, Kent, your mid-major nobody, and Louisville, out of the Big Least...

At 1:03 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Since we're throwing out hypotheticals, how about this one:

The [insert stupid f word here] Four:
1. Used-to-be-the-Gator Bowl in Jacksonville: Wake Forest (ACC basketball team #1) vs. West Virginia (joke conference [plus a little salt in the wounds])
2. Independence Bowl in what's left of Louisiana: Maryland (ACC basketball team #2) vs. North Texas (the mid-major nobody who didn't win their conference but managed to knock off Miami and Texas because neither actually prepared for the game)


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