23 March 2006

And with the 15th pick of the 2006 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select...

Three way trading? In football? Brilliant!

The Falcons really came out very very very well in their trade for Abraham. Since that weird dance started, I assumed Abraham would be a Falcon, and the issue would only be what the final compensation to the Jets was going to be. And the Falcons really did their homework in coordinating a trade with Denver.

First, the Falcons came out like bandits, getting John Abraham and an extra 1st day pick this year, plus an extra 4th rounder next year, for their 15th-overall pick in the draft. There is bar-none no player good enough by the 15th pick to compete with Abraham. And an extra mid-round pick? You've got to be a happy Falcon fan. Also, the leadership and tutelage he can give to the younger corp is invaluable.

Second, the Jets. They get their 1st round pick, a pick two slots better than the Seattle slot, for a guy they would have had to let go anyway. Getting something for any player who would be released is always a good move. They'll mess it up come draft day, but it's still a solid trade for them. And they need good moves like this, coming after the firing of Herm "Potatohead" Edwards.

Lastly, the Broncos. Again, the Falcons really did their homework. The reality is Denver doesn't have many holes, but one that they will likely want to fill is getting that marquee wide receiver. Don't be surprised if they land WR Santonio Holmes here, especially given that they have the #22 pick as well (from Washington), or they could take Winston Justice or Marcus McNeill (shifting either of them to guard). While I really don't see that happening, it's a possibility as guard is a need, and we know Denver prides themselves on their o-line system. Then at #22 they can then pick from the remaining three top CBs on the board (I expect they'll want to look that way given the disappointing return they've gotten from Champ) or pick up a defensive tackle. And sure, the Falcons would lose out on getting linebacker Ernie Sims, Tamba Hali, or a wide receiver, but again, they got John Abraham! The Broncos really have a no-lose situation as there is still quality at #15 (no John Abraham quality, but quality nonetheless) with a pick coming just 7 spots further down.

It's rare you see a really good trade in the NFL, and that it was a three-team trade makes it even more interesting, especially that it really looks to benefit all parties involved.


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Dante said...

I think Rich McKay is taking the right approach here. He really can't rely on Vick to play 16 games a season and he sure can't afford a top notch backup QB in the age of salary caps. The only thing he can afford to do is build up the biggest scariest defense he can muster to offset the inevitable loss or injury of Vick. Vick sells tickets and defense wins games. That's what's truly brilliant about this deal. I'll be sad to see McKay go if he gets the Commissioner spot.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

The only thing I don't like about having no first round pick this year, is the inability to pick up the aforemention Winston Justice at 15 or so, as he would help cement the line for the future.

That said, we've still got our second rounder, and if he's still hanging around the board by then, one Max-Jean Gilles wouldn't be a bad pickup, from both the personnel standpoint as well as the asses-in-seats standpoint.


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