03 February 2006

UGA Signing Day

No talk about UGA's Signings?

You can find the full list of signings on ESPN's UGA page.

I tried listing them here but the blog doesn't like html table formatting. 27 commitments: 1 QB, 3 RB/FBs, 5 TE/WRs, 6 O-line, 4 D-line, 3 LBs, 5 DBs. Most of their quality is projected to be in their defensive secondary and that QB I believe was said to be arguably the #1 prospect in the country at QB.

Whatcha think?


At 8:43 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to post anything about this, but the last week or so has sucked.

UGA did a fantastic job of filling the holes it needed to, as well as getting depth where they were thin. We're losing 3/5 of the offensive line from last season, so the 6 potential offensive linemen should more than offset that. Matt Stafford should make things more than a little interesting this year at the QB position. Ifin I were a betting man, I'd be betting that Blake Barnes transfers, rather than switch positions. JoeT may or may not start, I don't see Joe Cox moving anywhere, as he and Mohammed Massaquoi already have a connection, and now there's Stafford too.

Knowshon Moreno - If I had to guess, I'd guess he'll redshirt this year, unless he really impresses during summer practice.

The defensive signings, anchored by Reshad Jones at Safety, look good now.

As always, we'll see how many of these kids end up actually qualifying and whatnot, but on paper, this is one of the better jobs Mark Richt has done yet.

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Dante said...

Having seen more than a few Stafford highlights and having talked to a few family memebers who have played against him personally, I can pretty confidently say that Stafford is most likely the best QB to come out of a Texas high school in at least 10 years. That doesn't always traslate into good college or NFL play but it does look very promising. It's not like the teams he plays regularly are pushovers. I'd sure hate to have to play Lancaster, Wilmer-Hutchins, Dallas Clark (that team that actually won in Friday Night Lights), and Southlake on a regular basis. But Highland Park? Whou would've thought such a good QB would come out of the town that has Mercedes for police cars and garage sales selling nicer stuff than most department stores? I hope to see Stafford on the field some this year or redshirted with an even shot at starting next year.

Barnes and Cox will both stick around as long as Stafford has a red shirt on. When the shirt comes off, I imagine one or the other will leave. Cox might have a connection with Massaquoiouioutghdf but if it comes down to keeping that connection or starting elsewhere, I imagine he'll take the starting job.

Joe T isn't starting any time soon. He got his moment of fame and kept his family stock high in Georgia. That's all Richt really had to do and that's all he'll probably end up doing.

The rest of the mix I'm excited about but realize that a lot of them simply won't make the transition. I just don't put too much stock into defenders until I see them make the switch. I also don't know anything about the state of NJ high schoool football so I don't even know where to start when evaluating Moreno.

I've always said that Jim Donnan was a lot better at eating pie at prospective players' homes than he was at getting them ready on the field. It looks like Richt might be able to do both.


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