06 February 2006

3 Worst Super Bowls

Before I start on the topic at hand, has anyone else noticed that there are fewer security checks to post an entire new entry than there are to just post a message on that entry (login vs. login plus picture match)? Odd. Oh, and while we're offtopic, check out the final tally for the Super Bowl picks if you haven't already.

Ok, I've heard your best. Now give me your worst. I want to hear the 3 Super Bowls you disliked the most whether it be because the game was a snooze-fest or even if your favorite team just didn't make the cut. I've only listed games I've actually seen all of.

Here are mine:

Honorable mentions: XXXIX (When NE is the team that runs the most of the two, you know it's going to be a crapfest... I mean passfest.), XL (poor officiating and two AFC teams make for something less than Super. Did it really feel like a Supe Bowl to you?), XXXV (yawn. The Giants gave up 34 points to a Dilfer-led offense?), XXXIII (only because the game might've been interesting if Atlanta didn't lose their center, and in the process their entire O-line, in the 1st quarter)

3. Super Bowl XXIX San Francisco XLIX, San Diego XXVI
Did anybody think San Diego was going to win this game? The NFC had won the past 11 and there were no signs they were going to let up here. San Diego didn't know what hit them. Six passing TDs? And people thought San Diego had a good defense.

2. Super Bowl XXII Washington XLII, Denver X
35 in one quarter? That's crazy but what's even crazier is that Doug Williams was the QB. Timmy Smith broke 200 rushing? That's just sad. What's even sadder is that it would be another 10 years before the AFC won another Super Bowl. This game was painful to watch in the second quarter. By the time halftime was starting and it really sunk in just how far Denver was behind, it was just plain boring.

1. Super Bowl XXIV San Francisco LV, Denver X
Funny how San Francisco and Denver keep popping up but for opposite reasons. This is the end-all be-all most terrible Super Bowl I ever watched. After watching Denver struggle against Cleveland and watching the Niners just kill a pretty good Rams team, nobody really thought Denver stood a chance and nobody was wrong.


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