05 January 2006

Remember kids, you can't spell sucks without USC...

A few intemperate thoughts on last nights game:

Attention USC Fans, Family, Friends, and the National Media - USC has won ONE national championship in the last three years. LSU won two years ago, USC won last year. Just because someone inexplicably voted you ahead of LSU two years ago, does not mean that you won a national championship. However, if that's the case, then Congratulations to the 2004 Auburn Tigers, Co-National Champions. Congratulations also to the 2004 Utah Utes, also Co-National Champions by virtue of an undefeated season.

If Vince Young doesn't end up having a mostly phenominal pro career, i'm a thin, beautiful, black woman.

It must have been hard for USC to run around the field, what with the entireity of the national media hanging from their collective nuts. For christ's sake, let's play the game on the field before we decide that the 2005 USC football team could beat God and the Bears in a 3-way ladder match...

more later as i think of it...


At 8:42 AM, Blogger Dante said...

There's one thing I got right this year in a big way (from November 6):

"1. Texas (2): Whoever plays USC in the National Championship game is going to win (see USC for details). Texas has an easy rest of the season and they’re Big 12. That’s all they need to make it to the National Championship.
-Landry connection: Landry played for Texas from 1944-1948.

2. USC (3): USC is a good example of how you’re only hurting yourself by playing patsies all year. Eventually you’ll have to play a good team and you’ll be unprepared. Look at regular season box scores from Miami that year they lost to Ohio State. Team plays a lousy first half. Team actually shows up when they’re down or close in the second half. Team finally loses when they have to play a real team at the end of the season and can’t afford to not show up early. Do you see a pattern? USC makes it to the title and then goes down.
-Landry Connection: Former USC coach Paul Hackett was offensive coordinator for Tom Landry in the mid 80’s."

Maybe not anyone would've beaten USC so my Texas description is a little off, but I was spot on about USC. USC played that whole game like Texas was an inferior team. Just look at the Reggie Bush lateral, the going for it on 4th and 1 at stupid times, and the constant barrage of deep balls early in the game (that mostly clanged to the ground or worse).

I for one was happy to see Leinart turn into the crybaby I knew he'd be when he finally stopped getting his way. That postgame interview with him was priceless. It was pretty darn similar to the interview Martz gave after losing the Super Bowl to the Patriots. Look for Leinart to be the next Jeff George. Good luck, New Orleans. You'll need it.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Reggie Bush struggle in the NFL when he realizes that those defenders are just as fast as he is and he's a lot smaller than they are.

I'm also looking forward to eventually seeing Vince Young struggle when he gets drafted by a team with absolutely no offensive line (which is where he'll go when he decides to go pro since all bad NFL teams have bad offensive lines) but that might be a year down the road. Speaking of a year or two down the road, that's about how long Young had before throwing each pass against USC.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Dante said...

"Just because someone inexplicably voted you ahead of LSU two years ago, does not mean that you won a national championship."

So there have only been National Champions in football since the invention of the BCS? Inexplicable voting is how it used to work. Besides, it's fun to tell LSU fans that they were only co-Champions. Come to think of it, it's pretty fun to tell that to most fans of SEC teams in general.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

I think of all the superstars in the game last night, the one with the best NFL career (if all stay healthy) will be LenDale White. If USC had won, he'da been the MVP.

I think if New Orleans is smart, they'll pick him up. He seems like the prototypical NFL star running back who puts up 100+ yards and 2 touchdowns a game for 10 years. Really in the mold of a Shaun Alexander.

Bush will be made into a reciever/scatback/special teams cat. Without an O-Line he could get punished. Who's the kickoff guy for the Cheifs who was so good? He'll end up like that.

Leinart could be the worst of the 4 stars, because he becomes too rattled when adequate pressure gets to him, and that's one Bears game away from clinical depression. If he plays for a team with a substandard O-line, his carreer will be short and unglamorous.

Vince. I hope he sees the benefit of coming back for a senior season (I think he is also, currently, the only senior QB with a shot to break David Greene's 42 starting wins record). But whenever he does go to the NFL, he will warm the bench for a year behind an aging QB, and he will have growing pains learning a new system. But he will spool up to a very good, Donovan McNabb like run. If he doesn't injure as easily as McNabb and doesn't run into some sort of TO-Style Drama, he could end with as many as three rings on his fingers (not including last night's).

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

The funny thing about National Championships (and I'm a fan of splits) is that USC's 'dynasty' will forever be the asterisk dynasty because of the last two seasons.

You didn't even hear about LSU, Auburn or Utah this last month, just USC3 (they wore a sticker on their helmets, by the way, that said U-S-C, 1-2-3). This was USC's only chance to win outright, undisputed, undefeated vs undefeated with no others with claim.

So this is the one they drop?

When current events fade into the mind, you see if people don't start talking more about LSU and Auburn and Utah, and making sure USC has two asterisks to go with those rings.

At 1:18 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Between LSU and USC, LSU is probably going to carry the mantle of national champ in the history books since they did win the BCS, but the media will never let us forget 2003 USC since the media is in charge of the AP Poll.

I think undefeated Auburn and Utah will be forgotten over time. Even if they aren't completely forgotten, they won't be remembered enough to dignify an asterik by USC's 2004 Championship. They went undefeated but Utah was seen as playing a soft schedule and Auburn caught a lot of grief for playing LAMO and Citadel as non-conference games (even though Auburn was supposed to play Tulane instead of Citadel until Tulane pulled out).

Pat wrote:
"Leinart could be the worst of the 4 stars, because he becomes too rattled when adequate pressure gets to him, and that's one Bears game away from clinical depression. If he plays for a team with a substandard O-line, his carreer will be short and unglamorous."

Just expanding on a previous point, but this could very easily read:
"Jeff George becomes too rattled when adequate pressure gets to him, and that's one Eagles game away from clinical depression. He's always played for teams with a substandard O-line. His carreer was unglamorous and full of short stints with each team he played for."

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

Dante, great sage of the professional game, I am not nearly as familiar with that denomination of football as ye, therefore my knowledge of Jeff George is unacceptably minimal.

Does your comment mean you agree with me, or do you disagree?

BTW: when are we pickin' for the playoffs?

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Dante said...

That would be an agree. Of course, George had some other bad traits but I think Leinart will have some of those same traits after playing for a losing team for a while.

Check the Wiki for Jeff George:

At 6:48 PM, Blogger Arian Danian said...

I couldn't agree more about how overrated USC is, and how underrated Vince Young is. Vince Young is definitely going to have an excellent pro career.



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