09 January 2006

Just In Time

A to-do list from the desk of "New Mexico":

1. Get kicked off one of the elite college football teams in the country because I never learned how to behave.

2. Make lemonade out of lemons by declaring for the NFL draft. After accomplishing #1, this decision is easy.

3. Wave a gun at other people in public. This will put me in the news, and make me very desirable to NFL coaches on the heels of the Terrel Owens drama.

No, officer, my name is Mexico. LeBron Mexico.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Dante said...

So is the worst part of the third article that he waved a gun at some folks or that he lost the ACC Player of the Year award to a guy from Wake Forest?

Come on, what's wrong with society today where you might go to jail just waving a gun at a few people? My Great-Grandmother would have spent a LOT of time in jail if she got sent to the pen for each time she waved a gun at somebody. At least she wouldn't have spent much time for actually shooting at people.

And what's the deal with going pro? Can't he just go to Florida State. He's more talented than their current QB and he can learn to break laws semi-discretely there under the guidance of the ever increasingly senile Bobby Bowden. He'll fit like a glove in their program.

And I though Leinart would be the next Jeff George. Vick might pull a Ricky Williams and own the image outright. (Clarification: Ricky Williams isn't exactly original in his desire to leave his RB job in the NFL in order to pursue a career in dope smoking only to come back a year later. Dallas' Duane Thomas did this exact same thing back in the early 70's. You might remember Duane Thomas for his 'Evidently' comment after Super Bowl VI. Now that Ricky is doing the same thing, people don't point to him as the next Duane Thomas. They point to Duane Thomas as the old-school Ricky Williams if they remember Thomas at all. Vick could very well usurp the image and people will look back on Jeff George as the old-school Marcus Vick if they remember George at all.)


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