12 January 2006

Hurricane Radio Sports 45th Post (Georgia, the new Florida State?)

I was happy when the University of Georgia got rid of Jim Donnan. When I'm having some fun with longtime Georgia fans who are upset with how Georgia handled Dooley's firing, I like to bring up Adams' decision to axe Donnan. Then again, I'm one of the few Georgia fans with little respect for Dooley. As athletic director, he had a nasty habit of letting Georgia's football program sink to utter crap even though it had a steady influx of talent.

I was pretty happy that Georgia was picking up Florida State's offensive coordinator as a head coach. It sounded like a good idea in my book. The only thing I worried about was that we would start scheduling the creaf puffs that Florida State is so known for playing. So far under Richt's tenure the only IAA schools we've played are Georgia Southern (a top notch IAA school who is an in state rival to a small extent) and Northwestern State who was scheduled at the last minute after Tulane pulled out of a deal with Georgia so they could go play a home and away with Texas.

A day or so ago I hear the good news that we've scheduled a home-and-away with Louisville for the 2011 and the 2012 seasons. Then buried in that same article is the dreadful news that Georgia is signing up 3 Division IAA schools for their upcoming schedule. Why is Georgia scheduling games against Division IAA schools at all? Georgia was a top 10 team until they fell asleep against WV. Georgia shouldn't be playing teams like that. A lot of people cry and complain about last year's Auburn team but it was their games with the Citadel and LAMO that sealed their fate. I'd hate to see Georgia follow the same path. I know it looks sexy to pollsters to have a 10-1 record and have gobs and gobs of points scored, but Georgia isn't doing itself any favors by scheduling weak teams.

In 2006, our non-conference games will be Western Kentucky (season opener), Colorado, Georgia Tech, and UAB. That's a decent schedule but I'd still like to see us bring it up a notch. Georgia has proven that it can do well in week 1. Why not drop Western Kentucky, slot Colorado there, and then get a good mid-grade team like a Miami or a Perdue? Or even get another up-and-coming mid-major team on the schedule so when we beat up on them, it means something.

I guess we could do a lot worse than being the new Florida State. I'd just like to be a bit prouder of some of the victories Georgia comes away with.


At 7:18 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

I was writing the exact same post when I saw this one publish. My article came from the Red and Black. I was going to title it "One step forward, two steps back." I am horrified that Georgia will be playing 3 1-AA opponents. As if the Notre Dames and Marshalls and Florida States and Nebraskas and Oregons and Iowas aren't willing to get on a plane to Georiga! I'm just hoping these are hedge teams that we've just got on our schedule for now and can drop 'em when we work out the deals with the big boys.

Oh yeah: Georgia finished in the # 10 in both the Coaches and AP Polls, last I checked.

At 8:34 AM, Blogger Dante said...

Be careful, Pat. You're a longtime Georgia fan. Didn't you really mean "I was writing the exact same post without mean-spirited shot at Vince Dooley"?

I'm glad that Georgia finished 10. I've been too scared to look at the final polls since the loss to West Virginia. I might need to dig it up and compare how we did with rankings. I know at least one of us got the #1 team right.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, yeah, except for the Dooley dig.

But the horror at the three Division 1-AA opponents? Just the same.


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