31 January 2006

Getting ready for the offseason.

Personally, I like the extra week between the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Not only does it give both teams a break so we can really see who the better team is, it also gives us a one-week warm up for what it's going to be like now that football is gone for the season.

What did you guys (and gals) do this weekend to prepare for the lack of football? Did you go outside? It was a nice weekend. Did you cry a little? Be honest. I went and bought a boat (and started getting my old boat ready for sale). I'm moving up in the world and have a boat that's only 16 years old instead of one that's 29 years old with a 17 year old engine on it. Maybe one of these days I'll actually own a boat made in the current century.

So what do you do in the offseason? Do you have other sports you watch? Personally, I keep up with Arena football and NFL Europe to an extent, but it's certainly not the same. Besides, NBC covers both of them and I don't pick up NBC on my rabbit ears. I used to watch MLB baseball but it's gotten to the point that I just don't care anymore until around playoff time and that's when proper football starts back up. I like hockey but I don't keep up very well and I just don't want to make the trip to Atlanta to watch a game. It's hard to find hockey on network TV here in Georgia.

Does anybody actually participate in any sports? The only sporting activity I actively participate in is watersports (the skiing and wakeboarding kind, not the kind the XXX kind) and we're still 19F away from wet suit season in north Georgia. If it weren't for this stupid rash of cold weather, we'd only be 13F away. As soon as Hartwell hits 65F, we're out there.

What about yard work and/or house work? You folks do any of that? I get to build an arbor and finish yet another room in the basement, but that's hardly as fun as watching football or going out on the lake. At least if I hurry up and get that stuff done now, I won't have to worry about doing it when the lake hits 65F and wet suit season starts (or when the new baby comes in May).


At 12:12 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

I watched a good chunk of the Senior Bowl, which might help me foul up my draft projections a little more. Did some more work in the never ending, but close to being done, basement remodel. After that is done, and it warms up some, I'll get to work on finishing the patio around ye old firepit.

I follow hockey as closely as I can(fing Thrashers losing streak...).

I follow the EPL(English Premiere League), Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, how we root for thee..., and European soccer as a whole from a higher level. I'll pick up on baseball once it starts again, because this is the year the Giants win it all, despite what Laddi might say(Beat the Mets! Beat the Mets! Beat the Mets, beat the Mets, beat the Mets...)

There is no such thing as the NBA. College Baskeball only exists so that I can throw good money after bad on the NCAA tournament.

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Dante said...

I LOVE the EPL but that's another thing that's only available via cable around here. I wish we'd get an MLS team around here. I'd drive to Atlanta for that. Newcatle is far and away my favortie Premiere League team but I came REAL close to buying the Arsenal SEGA jersey when I was in London. They had just switched to the Dreamcast jersey and they were clearing out the yellow SEGA ones at Harrod's. And I'm someone who absolutely HATES fans wearing jerseys. Too bad I hate Arsenal almost as badly. That jersey does rock though. It's a lot better than Newcastle's "zebra" jerseys.

At 3:01 PM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Once I have the time/resources to sit and figure it out, i'll be able to tivo/burn EPL games to DVD. Ifin I see Newcastle v anybody worth watching, i'll letcha know...

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Dante said...


At 4:57 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

As far as the Island City life is concerned: I went for a walk on the beach (the water is still to cold to swim). After football ends, I pretty much kick back into music mode, so I got some new guitar strings & played an open mic or two.

As far as other sports, I'll probably start chopping up a local driving range, start swimming laps again, maybe even catch a set or three of tennis with the Moms. I'll get the bicycle fixed as (with our weather already consistently above 65F) girls have been spotted on the beach in bikinis (100% serious fellas).

As far as watching other sports, I keep up with the Wildcats and the Bulldogs in college ball, and I'll probably tune into the tourney. I can't wait for the World Cup, and golf is on TV again for some legendary Sunday afternoon naps.

Cards and music will dominate Wednesday nights.

Job hunting will devour a chunk of the schedule, as will politics (I still get cheers with my "My name is Patrick Armstrong, and I represent the PARTY Wing of the Democratic Party...") during primary season.

Hopefully, fourth attempt in 12 months to quit smoking will keep me out of the doctor's office.

Then there's always Playstation, where I have coached the Dawgs to 6 consecutive SEC championships, and I'm working on my 7th.

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Laddi said...

Sports-wise, I follow the NHL pretty closely. Man, those Thrashers are making this season long.

Without the Soccer Channel, I can't really follow the EPL very well, which is a shame because Liverpool is doing pretty well, and they play Chelsea Sunday.

Baseball? Basketball? Only if it's college and even that is a passive interest. I've been to more GymDog meets than UGA baseball and basketball games combined.

Also, there's that honeymoon thing to the Winter Olympics coming up. We've got tickets to US hockey and short track, but we hope to get freebies to lesser events that need an audience (curling, anyone?)

And though I haven't played in forever, the toli team is having the biannual Choctaw Invitational in April (I believe), so I may be helping with that.

This off-season will mostly be me trying to get into grad school and if I get in, wrapping up a lot of odd jobs at work.


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