03 January 2006

The Airing of Grievances

I've decided to give us all a post to air our grievances about the Gerogia vs. West Virginia game. Feel free to vent here. (You can vent about other games here as well.)

That being said, here are my early thoughts on the game:

1a. Has Georgia EVER stopped a fake punt attempt while Mark Richt was our head coach?
1b. Why was Georgia lined up in what looked like a 4-3 Cover 2 formation for that fake punt? My daughter could've got that first down in that situation.
1c. Did everybody but the 11 Georgia players on the field and their respective coaches not know the punt was going to be a fake?
1d. Georgia had better learn to stop fake punts fast. Every college football coach in America saw last night that Richt's team can't stop a fake punt. Once they go over Georgia game film and realize that is a trend, they'll all bring their fake punts to Georgia.

2. Lots of teams (i.e. Kentucky, MS State, Vandy, Tennessee) didn't play a bowl this year. Why didn't we get them to scrimmage us for a quarter or two before the game so we'd actually be ready at the beginning of this game?

3. At least Georgia didn't play a good team. Imagine what Ohio State would've done to them.

4. I hate people telling me we should be happy that Georgia at least got to the Sugar Bowl and had another 10 win season. There's a word for people happy with losing: losers.

5. As pitiful as Georgia played, I have to give credit to their offensive line. They started out slow but somehow managed to wear out WV's defense. That ususally happens the other way around.

6. Did Georgia's coaches actually watch game film for WV? WV didn't do anything different than normal (except for the occasional hand-off to the FB). They had one play. Seems like Georgia could stop that given a whole month to prepare. Or did one of the coaches sneak a copy of Porky's into the film room instead?


At 10:22 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Although the ended up getting most of the calls right, thanks to the miracle of instant replay, the officiating crew, in particular the referee, should be dragged out back somewhere and shot. Absolutely clueless...

You'd have thought we'd have brought more guys up into the box...perhaps slotted into a 4-4 after the first series. It was pretty clear from WV's season that they didn't really throw downfield. Did we really need 4 or 5 defensive backs on 3rd down, when it was pretty evident they were either going to run a delay draw, or a toss sweep?

Kudos to WV for throwing about eleventy different defensive alignments at us in the first half. That kept us off balance enough on the first four series, and allowed them to capitalize.

Dear Georgia Coaching Staff and Team,
It is emminently more better easier to keep the other team from scoring when you don't let them start at what amounts to midfield every possession.

At 10:31 AM, Blogger Dante said...

I almost forgot about that. The officiating was terrible. I don't know about a lynching but maybe we should all chip in and send them to some sort of officiating school for the menetally handicapped. You'd think that as long as it took them to decide some of the penalties, they could at least get them right when they announced them. I was also a little tired of the flags being thrown that just aren't thrown in the SEC, Big East, or any other self-respecting conference. I realize that those flags were on legitimate penalties, but I'd rather see teams get away with a little so that the fans can have a faster-paced game.

It seems like it was either a PAC 10 or Mountain West crew so we shouldn't see them too much in the future. At least these refs didn't throw someone out of this game for pushing a guy who ripped of a his helmet and pushed his head into the ground.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

on the fake punt...perhaps with a minute and change to go, and the knowledge that the punter has run to the right and kicked all night long, one might be inclined to say, oh, I don't know, LOAD UP THE LEFT SIDE OF THE DAMNED LINE OF SCRIMMAGE AND GO FOR A BLOCK!!!

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

My grievances with that game exist on many levels...

First of all, I must say that I am quite pleased that Georgia won the SEC and had their 4th 10 win season in a row. I am also very happy that Georgia was invited to their second BCS and Sugar Bowl in 4 years. Cheering for such a season does not make anyone a loser.

As long as one plays football, sometimes the game is going to break the wrong way. That is the nature of the beast.

As part of the season as a whole, this loss stings the pride, but we've lost our share of Sugar Bowls in the past. That's why we play the games and love the sport.

Now, this game in and of itself was not the Georgia I am used to seeing.

The Dawgs live and die by our defense. Giving up 28 points in 17 minutes...that's not a Georgia defense.

Yes, West Virginia was hungry. Yes, they run a misdirection offense that isn't what Georiga's defense was used to seeing. Yes, the offense did nothing to help the defense by turning the ball over twice and acquiring penalties that gave West Virginia field position. Yes, because of that, the defense was on the field almost the entire first quarter.

But 28 points in 17 minutes? 28 offensive points in what was effectively a quarter? I don't have to be mad at the Georgia defense, they came out flat and embarassed themselves. No one knows this more than them, I guarantee that, right now.

It did appear as if they had not watched any game film of West Virginia. It did appear as if they gave up the art of the tackle. It did appear that they were far more interested in stripping the ball than getting the tackle.

Guys: tackle first. Takeaways are important, but you first have to put yourself in a position to get lucky. Observe the West Virginia defense: they went for the tackles and got the turnovers.

I do credit the Dawgs' offense for clawing back with some of the best play we've ever seen from them. They showed a lot of class in stepping up. We almost got over the top there, too, despite the horrible officiating and the fact that the defense just couldn't stop the determined WV offense.

Gotta give it to WV too. In the face of a surging Georgia offense who would not quit, they hung on just long enough to secure the win. That punt fake took sand. Had they put the ball back in Shockley's hands one more time, the outcome might have been very different.

I give it to the coaching staff for creating a great program. Consistent 10 win seasons are spectacular. But we are maddeningly inconsistent with our style of play, and that drives the fans crazy.

Georgia - LSU was as complete a game as can be played. Georgia - WV is what happens when you start taking those kinds of wins for granted.

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Dante said...

Cheering for a 10 win season and an SEC title doesn't make anyone a loser. Being content with this Sugar Bowl because of the aformentioned successes makes everyone a loser. If Georgia coaches and players don't look at this game and realize that a few things need to change, then they're already falling down the slippery slope of loserdom. Next thing you know the Loser Fairy will show up and we'll be running sweep rights 5 times in a row and having 3 and 4 loss seasons even though our entire defense goes on to the NFL and ends up starting in the Pro Bowl.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

I completely agree with that.

One weird thing I did notice this bowl season (and it actually has been happening a good deal lately) is that SEC teams just seem to have some serious difficulty getting up and staying up for bowl games. I mean, the last good bowl win Georgia had was against FSU. Every other game, we're in a dogfight where we're either staging a warpath comeback or hanging on against one.

The only SEC team to really play up to its potential was LSU, who (insert hyperbolic verb here) a good Miami team. But after the SEC championship, they had a Katrina sized chip on their shoulder, and something to prove.

The only other winning SEC team was a tenacious Alabama, but they've been playing the same game all year.

South Carolina took Missouri and Brad Smith for granted, especially after their first half. Auburn believed their own hype and got ambushed by Wisconsin. As a matter of fact, LSU's emasculation of Miami probably hurt Auburn and Georgia in the brain in the same ways. "If LSU could hang 40 on Miami, just think about what we'll do to Wisconsin/West Virginia!"

That is especially important when you look at how flat both Auburn and Georgia's defenses were and how many passes were dropped for the Tigers and Dawgs yesterday. I get the feeling both teams just were convinced, no matter how much 'take it one game at a time' talk they had for the press, that they were just going to blow out their respective opponents in coronation style wins.

Instead, both Georgia and Auburn got tangled with an opponent who wasn't just going to roll over. Both opponents jumped out early and poured it on, and then held on against the comeback as the two SEC monster teams spent precious minutes just shaking the sleep out of their eyes.

If the SEC wants to prove how good a conference it is, we're gonna need some better out of conference opponents during the regular season. I'm glad we've added Arizona State and Colorado for the next years, but lets get Notre Dame, Ohio State and Texas on the schedule sometime before December.

Maybe that would cut down on our tendency to play down to our opponents, cause lets face it: we don't look at out of conference play the same way we look at conference play.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Dante said...

"If the SEC wants to prove how good a conference it is, we're gonna need some better out of conference opponents during the regular season."

That is something I've been a believer in for a LONG time. Any of the three monsters you mention would be admirable opponents for Georgia or any other SEC team. I will note that Tennessee does play Notre Dame on occasion but Notre Dame has only been good again for a short while.

This isn't just a problem with the SEC. It seems to be an epidemic in college football. Winless seasons get far too much credit in determining national champs. Look at Texas Tech. They played two Division IAA bottom feeders and still got ranked pretty high. What's the incentive to schedule hard teams? I will still maintain that outspoken supporters for playoffs will virtually disappear when highly ranked teams play each other on a regular basis.


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