05 December 2005

What the BCS is going on around here?

How is that every sports writer I've seen is just absolutely gushing over #22 4-loss Florida State's BCS bowl with Penn State? Oooooooooooh, Paterno v. Bowden. I'll bet everyone is excited about that except for Penn State fans (and anyone who doesn't happen to live in Florida or write sports columns). I really wanted to see what Penn State was made of this year but instead they'll get stuck playing yet another Florida State team that just doesn't belong in the BCS but won the ACC so they get an automatic bid. At least Georgia isn't stuck playing Florida State this year.

I applaud Florida State for pulling one out against VT, but VT really beat itself there. In every phase of the game, VT looked like a team that was paying more attention to the Orange Bowl than the current game.

I thought the BCS had rules for not taking lowly teams, but I guess even if they did, Florida State would pull in too many people to matter. I really wish the BCS would have to take 1 - 8. Oregon and Miami look a lot more attractive than Florida State and West Virginia.


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Dante said...

After speaking with a few Penn State fans, I've found out that they are looking forward to this game but only because Paterno will make up 2 of his 6 games he's behind Bowden right here.

At 10:03 AM, Blogger S.A.W.B. said...

Just remember, with all this BCS nonsense, we get to throw out the current system starting next year, and will implement in it's place, a 5 bowl system that will further confuse things.

Personally, I just wish they'd get rid of the current conference tie-ins, and let the bowls pick in a snake order of sorts after the national championship game is set. Were that the case, we might be looking at the following:

Rose - USC v Texas - no change
Fiesta - Penn State v FSU
Orange - Notre Dame v West Virginia
Sugar - Georgia v Ohio State/Auburn/Oregon

Rose still gets the NC game, then with the bowls picking Fiesta, Orange, Sugar one way, then reversing it, we end up with 3 compelling matchups. And yes, I think the Orange Bowl would rather match up a 10-1 WV team against 9-2 Notre Dame than an 8-4 FreeShoes team. Besides...FSU fans need to go outside of Florida once in a while...

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Dante said...

SAWB, I think you underestimate the ticket sales and spending habits for FSU fans. They will travel faithfully to the Orange Bowl. Alcohol sales won't be hurting either. Remember, it's always money first, football second. As I've said before, I'm just glad Georgia isn't stuck with FSU this year.

Do you have a link for the new 5-Bowl system? I'd like to take a look at it. I've found few details so far.


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