12 December 2005

Early draft slotting...

As we close in on the home stretch of the NFL season, I thought I'd take a preliminary stab at what some of the non-playoff teams might be thinking with regards to the 2006 NFL Draft. I'm assuming some folks are coming out early, (Reggie Bush, LenDale White), and also making some trade assumptions...so, flame away...current record is used for slotting teams...

1 - Houston Texans(1-12) - As many problems as the Texans have, there is one glaring issue that is keeping this team on the bottom of the standings - the offensive line. Therefore, with the first pick of the 2006 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select D'Brickshaw Ferguson, OT, University of Virginia.

2 - San Francisco 49ers (2-11) They drafted their quarterback of the future last year in Alex Smith, they have a decent line, better than average recievers, and not the worst defense i've seen. What they lack is a playmaking running back, which is why, Reggie Bush is your #2 overall pick to the 49ers.

3 - Green Bay Packers (3-10) Ahman Green isn't coming back kids. But that's not the biggest reason for the Pack's woes this year. The offensive line, linebackers, and defensive backfield have been the biggest problems. The pack can go a couple of ways here, but I like them to pick up Tye Hill, CB, Clemson with the 3rd pick.

4 - New York Jets (3-10) Now, here's a team with some skill position holes to fill...but which one? C-Mart is probably gone, but they need a quarterback something fierce too. Matt Leinart, QB, USC makes the most sense here...

5 - New Orleans Saints (3-10) Another team, another need at quarterback. We'll give the Aint's the mobile, and electrifying, Vince Young of Texas with the 5th pick.

I'll slot some more teams later, but I do want to touch on what I'd love to see the Falcons do with their first couple picks. I'm slotting the Falcons in the lower half of the first round, and have a feeling they'll end up somewhere in the 20s again. With their 1st round pick, the Falcons need to add depth and talent to the ILB/MLB slot. A.J. Hawk, DeMeco Ryans, or Paul Posluszny fit nicely here, assuming one of the three falls this far. In the second round, I'd love for the Falcons to find another edge rusher, to replace the aging Brady Smith. I'd kill to see the Falcons do something they never do, and draft a UGA player here. Quentin Moses fits in nicely here.


At 8:45 AM, Blogger Dante said...

1. A GM doesn't get fired for picking up a RB or QB with the 1st overall pick. They could very well get fired for taking an OT. Houston will take Reggie Bush because it's the safe thing to do. The smart move for Houston would be to trade away the top spot for a lot of 2nd and 3rd rounders. Then they could stock up on O-linemen. Then they'd see that Carr and Davis are pretty good players. Also, if I were Reggie Bush and Houston had the top pick, I'd stay an in college. I wouldn't want to be a RB playing for that awful O-line. That's a sure fire way to end a career early.

2. I really don't know what SF will do here. They just picked up a QB and Bush WILL be gone if he comes out early. I'd expect a draft order trade.

3. Those are all very real problems for Green Bay this year, but their biggest problem in the years to come will be the absence of Brett Farve. Expect the Pack to take Leinart if they keep this spot and Leinart is still open.

4. The Jets will take a QB or RB here. The only way they'll trade is up to get what they need.

5. One problem. Vince Young is in no way qualified to be an NFL QB. Don't get me wrong, he's a fine college QB, but he's not an NFL QB. He'll go when decent WRs usually go, late 1st to early 2nd round.


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