16 December 2005

Dan Reeves out of retirement?

Houston Texans head coach Bob McNair hired Dan Reeves to be a talent consultant for Houston recently. From there, speculation has spread that Dan Reeves will take over the Texans' head coaching position after Capers' imminent firing at the end of the season. I buy into the theory just because Reeves was brought in as a "talent consultant." This is the same guy who thought that Vick was a better acquisition than Tomlinson and that Reggie Kelly was a good 2nd round draft pick. He also thought that Peerless Price could be their #1 guy at receiver and that it was worth selling off their entire offensive line just to keep Chris Chandler, Jamal Anderson, and Terrence Mathis. You got this guy to evaluate your talent?

The Texans job is Dan's to lose. The article I've linked to from FoxSports because it's the best of the lot I've read as long as you start reading at "But we digress." The beginning is a bunch of girly nonsense about keeping an eye on who sits where in the owner's box Sunday.

This article gets over the idea of Reeves coaching for Houston rather quickly and actually points out the inherent danger of hiring Reeves and then letting him bring in his own people. If you looks at Dan's track record, the more control he has over his coaching and GM staff, the worse he does. If McNair knows what's good for the Texans, he will keep Wade Phillips FAR away from Houston. Remember the Falcons defense that was on its way to being the worst defense EVER in the NFL? Wade's doing just fine in San Diego. Don't let Reeves pull his buddy in here.

Personally, I'm glad Reeves might get another head coaching gig. As the article correctly points out, "Tom Landry probably saw Dan Reeves more as an extension of himself than any player or assistant he had. " I'll never be sad about seeing a Tom Landry protege on the field coaching. Houston is a team with a lot of talent but a shaky offensive line and a less-than-stellar defense. Dan Reeves could certainly do a lot of things as a head coach to help out, but I sincerely hope that they keep his hands off of GM duties and off of playcalling. Let him coach and he'll be a good fit in Houston. Just don't give him the keys to the organization.


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