09 November 2005

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

There's one NFL article I make sure to ready each and every week. It's longwinded but certainly worth the read. It's the Tuesday Morning Quarterback by Gregg Easterbrook. He used to be on ESPN's Page 2 but now he has a spot at nfl.com. I highly suggest you make this part of your weekly NFL reading. I know it's on nfl.com where most of the writers are pretty near worthless, but this one is worth the read. It comes out around noon on Tuesdays during the NFL season.

This is probably the only place where you can read about crazy passes, crazier blitzes, and obscure college football scores.

Here's a teaser from this week's article:

"Stop Me Before I Blitz Again!: Game tied at 7, Atlanta was facing third-and-goal on the Miami 11. Since the typical NFL play gains less than six yards, all the Marine Mammals had to do was play straight defense and the odds favored a stop; plus there's no incentive to take risks for sack, since a sack would still leave the Falcons in short field-goal range. Yet -- it's an all-out blitz! Seven gentlemen cross the line, easy touchdown to Brian Finneran for what would prove to be the winning points. Most of Atlanta big gainers Sunday came against Miami blitzes."

Go read it!


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