29 November 2005

Ok, now Spectre's involved in the TO issue.

I've been pretty uninterested in the TO debate until now. Senator Arlen Spectre is threatening to bring TO's case to the Senate Judiciary Committee claiming "it might be a violation of antitrust laws." Spectre biggest beef is that he believes that it is vindictive for the Eagles to not let TO be either traded or put back on the roster.

It was vindictive for Reid to not play their best running back at the time (Duce Staley) after he held out on a contract. I imagine it's a bit vindictive to keep TO from playing but it's also a good move. It seems to me that TO is too good a player to let him play for anyone else, especially with a chip on his shoulder. However, TO is also too disruptive a player to play for the Eagles anymore. The Eagles can prevent TO from going anywhere else under their contract (that TO signed and agreed to before going to Philly). That's the smart move to make.

Personally, if the Judiciary Committee got involved and forced me to do something about TO, I'd opt to keep him. Then I'd nail him to the bench for the rest of the season. What are they going to do then? Are they going to force me to play him? If I don't throw to him are they going to force a TO ratio? Should I just go ahead and hand my headphones and playbook over to Spectre now and avoid the hassle? (As a side note, Spectre probably wouldn't do any worse than Reid at this point.) If TO signs a contract and the Eagles are honoring it, I don't see what business the Senate Judiciary Committee has in the matter. TO should've read the fine print a bit better. He was more of a position to dictate terms than the Eagles were.


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