07 November 2005

NFL Drama

For those of us who do want to read about what a bad boy TO is (Jerz), you can check out Peter King's MMQB on CNN/Sports Illustrated. In a strange turn of events, CNN/SI looks like the 'fair and balanced' coverage on this one, probably due to ESPN's impartiality thanks to Michael Irvin.

But while most sportswriters won't talk about it, Mr. King apparently doesn't care what TO or Irvin think of him, the heaviest of excoriation (of Irvin) was spoke thusly:

And just a little note here to Irvin. I know he's your friend -- now -- and I know you're loyal, but be careful. You're in the quasi-journalism business now, and you're looking pretty silly blindly sticking up for a guy who would have thrown you out of the Cowboys locker room in a heartbeat 15 years ago.

I hope that "quasi-journalism" stuff is gonna hit home real hard up next on SportsCenter. ESPN still sounds pretty quiet on the issue. As the last bastion of journalistic integrity anywhere ESPN needs to sit ol' Irvin down and give him a talkin' to. The last thing you want to involve yourself in is a feud like this, especially if you're givin' one of the participants an actual pulpit to speak from.

And one other King quote that made me laugh out loud involved Ron Mexico...(ahem)...Michael Vick's post game interview yesterday. His demands for no more criticism were so funny, he could be a member of the Bush Administration! Cheap dig, to be sure, but I almost had to put 'em over on the News and Opinions(read: poltical) side of Hurricane Radio.

Here's King's quote (and I guess it could work for the political side of the house too):

You know what never works, Mike Vick? It never works to say to the press: Don't criticize me anymore. Do you think all the talking heads in the network studios will convene meetings this week and tell the talent: "Pssst . No more Vick ripping! He doesn't like it and, boy, we don't want to make Mike mad.''


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Dante said...

I think King is dead-on on the whole Vick issue. If Vick doesn't want to be criticised as a passer, he needs to go out there and pass well consistently. Even Tony Grazziaini put up some good passing numbers from time to time. I hate to tell Vick, but I'm not too impressed with a 228 yard day. When he's tossing 200 regularly with a good 300+ every now and then along with a healthy TD/INT ratio, then I'll think he's a good passer. Until then, he's a good QB, but he's no Danny White.


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